WCT 2020 Album of the year

”but Yung God, it’s only March 2nd, why would you announce the album of the year now?!” Is probably what you’re thinking, however if you are thinking this you probably haven’t heard the CERTIFIED BIG GANG SLAPPER that is Color Theory by Soccer Mommy.

Soccer Mommy, who is already certified pitchfork royalty, has been around for a hot minute now, but it appears as though Color Theory will be the album that puts the band firmly into the limelight. Starting off with a banger in “Bloodstream“, the album only takes a break from upbeat melancholy jams to dive into low key melancholy jams on tracks like “night swimming,” and doesn’t let up even once, seriously every track is as solid as the Wizards backcourt when John Wall is healthy.

Color Theory by Soccer Mommy is available for streaming on all major platforms now, but you should totally cop the vinyl because it looks fucking sick.

Goldberg vs Macaulay Culkin

Yesterday big daddy Vince McMahon took a giant shit all over hardcore wrestling fans but making Goldberg the new champ. One fan who was pissed was Home Alone star, Mac Culkin.

Mania this year in Tampa

As an older man you do not piss off Kevin McAllister! Just ask Joe Pesci and the Hot Ice guy from Rookie of the year. Did Goldberg take this advice, and apologize to Mac?


Then Macaulay taking a shot right back at Goldberg. This has historic rivalry written all over it!

Goldberg with his super spear of deaths vs the Smarts of Kevin McAllister? If Kevin is able to put a nail in a ladder and make Goldberg step on that ladder, I think he will be able to pull the upset over Bill Goldberg. Who do you think will won this new historically rivalry?

MAGA twitter tries to cancel Garth Brooks

Legendary country singer Garth Brooks performed in Michigan yesterday for his latest music tour. To pay homage to legendary Detroit RB, Brooks rocked a Barry Sanders player tee. Fire fit.

The uneducated population that makes up MAGA twitter proceeded to attack Brooks Facebook post ripping him as they thought he was making an endorsement of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

SMDH at these uneducated snowflakes getting triggered over this shit. So much disrespect to the greatest running back of all time . All these lunatics can only think about is stupid politics and not realize the tribute to America’s back bone. Football.

Many more of these faces filled the comments.

Barry Sanders deserves better.

Stolen dank memes valor


I am pleased to announce WCT has a meme page on Twitter now where you can get your daily dose of dank laughs: @memegod42069420

As you can see, unlike that loser fuckjerry we are going to be completely up front about where these memes are coming from : mostly stolen from reddit. Granted there will be plenty of original memes on there, in order to keep you laughing every day we are going to rely on the über talented contributors to the r/DANKMEMES Subreddit for content. This is a practice that every single meme page you follow on social media uses and they are lying to you if they don’t admit it.

Think of me as a meme curator, vetting through all the not dank shit to get your that GOOD spice, and even throwing my own shit on top of it. Give it a follow, I promise you won’t regret it.

Bocou Blogging Combine

It’s combine season, so you know were talking 40 times, hand sizes, and even stars of David. Despite missing my calling of being an elite Patriots system slot WR, I figure I could test out the tangibles of my new profession, blogging.

First off we’ll start with the measureables…

Height: 5 ft 11 inches

Weight: a clean 160

Proof is in the pudding

Hand Size: 7.5 inches

You know what they say about big hands….they don’t look like this

Vertical Keyboard Reach: Control key to “-” key ( 9 inches whaddup Joe Burrow)

you could say, I’m the perfect specimen.

The bench press is a big deal in Indy, but Bocou’s rule number 1 is don ‘t got to the gym but were still mashing the bar. The space bar. 225 times in 30 seconds? Here we go.

Damnnn how can a 160 pound 5 foot 11* specimen put up these kind of numbers? woulda cleared the set but accidentally hit some letters that messed up the reps smh…#saveBoston’swaterfront

They say speed kills. Now I’m not gonna go run an inaccurately timed 4.5 like I would do but time for the type est where not only speed and spelling matter…yikes

average WPM is 30-40, rare to see this kind of all around talent…98% spelling accuracy…hopefully YG doesnt implement this benchmark into my yearly review

Lastly and probably the most crucial…Three cone drill which shows quickness and agility…meet the the Three app drill: Three crucial news sources in the blogging game (twit, IG, reddit duh), to get the quickest jump on the new story. Twitter to IG to twitter to IZG, reddit to IG, to twitter, clock it.

🏃 🔥 🏃 🔥

Draft value sky rocketing…may have to head into YG’s office for a raise, no way Metsfan or swish can attain these measurables

Tim Tebow is a Filipino?

For so god damn reason Tebow thinks he is a baseball player. Instead of joining the XFL and actually making an impact, he said nah, that’s during baseball season!

This guy will never make it to the big leagues on his merit. He may make it one day as a publicity stunt because lol mets is a real thing. So what does Tebow decide to do for his baseball career? Denounce our country and become a Filipino!

Wait a Traitor! If you are not good enough to make your content team you do not just leave our country and join a new one! I’d like to join Team USA basketball, but when I fail at the goal I’m not going to join Team Guam!

Getting married and having sex has really changed this guy. Tebow just do us all a favor and play in the XFL.

P.S. At least twice a year I still think about how Tim Tebow won a NFL playoff game. Think how crazy that is! Tim Tebow has more playoff wins then Yung God has ever seen his beloved Bengals win!


Sorry for the delay in content fam, I’ve been working hard on a separate WCT venture that I will unveil shortly….

BUT IN THE MEAN TIME I got a bone to pick with the restaurant industry: at what point in history was it decided that TABASCO would be the most carried hot sauce around??!

I mean it’s medium hot, but not flavorful, doesn’t make food taste any better, just makes it spicier and actually kinda tastes like shit. I mean think of the other hot sauces in the Tabasco tier: Cholula, Valentina, Texas Pete and Tapatio, all of which provide the same amount of heat but with far more robust flavor.

I mean whoever was running sales for Tabasco back in the day that took this shit fucking product to the moon deserves a fucking Nobel peace prize. That’s all I really had to get off my chest as a hot sauce snob, because I can’t stand this shit.

Is Trey Wingo a Psychopath???

So over the busy weekend of sports an interesting tweet came from Trey Wingo.

Then one of the first replies under this Trey Wingo tweet, is the original tweet that went viral over TWO YEARS AGO!

Why would Trey even tweet this??? It left our lord and savior PFT Commentor in a tail spin, and trying to investigate why he would tweet such a thing!

It has been about 72 hours and no explanation, no nothing, in fact espn people have tweeted him like it was real!

How could this be?!?!? I need answers! ESPN has finally crossed the line! They can sully and drag Tom Brady’s name through the mud, but when Trey Wingo tweets out a pic of bear and pretends it is his bear, is crossing the line!

I demand answers ESPN! Until I get an answer I am banning all Trey Wingo content!


The early 2000s were a strange time for sneakers, with society entrenched in a brand new millennium, the trends of the time reflected a vision of the future, people were living in 2001 but DRIPPING LIKE IT WAS 2061. There was a lot of questionable shit that dropped at the time as brands provided their own visions of the future to keep up with the trends, however in sea of frosted tips and Canadian tuxedos, there was 1 gem that was (and still is) ahead of its time. I am obviously referring to the Nike clogposite AKA the Nike Solo Slide.

The Clogposite is essentially a Nike Flightposite cut in half and turned into one AMAZING clog. These sat on shelf’s and collected dust in the early 2000s but somehow received the retro treatment in 2014, when they were sold for around $120. Why did it come back if it wasn’t successful the first time? Well the true tastemakers of the world, the Japanese consumer, grew quite attached to them and like the New Balance 1300 or Reebok Beatnik, the clogposite gained cult status in the Far East.

This cult like status in Japan and failure to succeed in the states has presented quite the problem for collectors like myself, as pairs from both drops are extremely hard to come by in my size in any color, let alone the holy grail “USA” colorway pictured above. You see I’m usually VERY good at hunting weird shit like this down, because nobody else is usually looking. For example I snagged Reebok Beatniks off of Rakuten just last week, as I figured out they were readily available in Asia, so in my efforts to stay 4 laps ahead of the curve I copped up, and just like with the Birkenstock Boston I expect the fashion killas of the world to Jack that swag in the coming years.

However my efforts in finding a pair of the USA clogposites have been futile over the years to say the least, even when they retro’d in 2014 they were impossible to find. I’ve looped in foamposite experts like sneaker Dave on Twitter, reached out on Niketalk and other sneaker groups, only to get flamed for my quest to cop clogs that most think should have never existed in the first place. Granted this USA clogposite was a quick strike so there are likely less than 5000 pairs globally, with most of those being in Japan.

All in all this quest will continue until in either dead or rocking American flag clogs poolside, looking like an absolute stud. If you or anyone you know has a lead please for the love of god reach out, I’m also looking for the eggplant and urban jungle gym colorways (pictured below). Y’all can keep your yeezys, I just want my clogs 😖

Cancel the Browns (Not Safe for Pups)

Friday night the Browns hosted a memorial to honor the late mascot Swagger. However, to the worlds surprise, the memorial was an open casket for the dog

This is just wrong. I am all for honoring this great doggo but an open casket?!? Come on Swagger don’t deserve this…and doesn’t deserve a motherfucking LIVESTREAM?!?

Only the Browns could botch this service, poor puppa

Let’s remember the good times please

Poor Swagger Jr looking at his future with a serious head tilt