Real Bros of Simi Power Rankings

In the midst of season 3 of RBOSM so feel it’s only appropriate to rank these bros Bryce: Washed up skate legend Bryce is easily Simi Valley’s biggest attraction. from his legendary days at Simi high to his epic comeback as a pro skater can’t deny how chill Bryce is, dude will start fights withContinue reading “Real Bros of Simi Power Rankings”

We have a new #1 public enemy

Besides obviously corona virus which is top priority, we have a new sole focus as public enemy number 1….Ben Affleck As you probably know, while shooting some hack of a film, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have been getting quite cozy. I didn’t want to believe it myself but unfortunately the paparazzi keeps throwingContinue reading “We have a new #1 public enemy”

Charles James has entered the Spin Zone

Yesterday was a sad day in sports as nearly all the spring sporting events we hold so close to our hearts were cancelled. Charles James took to twitter to rep the XFL prior to their eventual late night cancellation. Obviously with a take this hot, freezing cold takes is gonna get ya Absolute no brainer.Continue reading “Charles James has entered the Spin Zone”

MAGA twitter tries to cancel Garth Brooks

Legendary country singer Garth Brooks performed in Michigan yesterday for his latest music tour. To pay homage to legendary Detroit RB, Brooks rocked a Barry Sanders player tee. Fire fit. The uneducated population that makes up MAGA twitter proceeded to attack Brooks Facebook post ripping him as they thought he was making an endorsement ofContinue reading “MAGA twitter tries to cancel Garth Brooks”

Bocou Blogging Combine

It’s combine season, so you know were talking 40 times, hand sizes, and even stars of David. Despite missing my calling of being an elite Patriots system slot WR, I figure I could test out the tangibles of my new profession, blogging. First off we’ll start with the measureables… Height: 5 ft 11 inches Weight:Continue reading “Bocou Blogging Combine”

Cancel the Browns (Not Safe for Pups)

Friday night the Browns hosted a memorial to honor the late mascot Swagger. However, to the worlds surprise, the memorial was an open casket for the dog This is just wrong. I am all for honoring this great doggo but an open casket?!? Come on Swagger don’t deserve this…and doesn’t deserve a motherfucking LIVESTREAM?!? OnlyContinue reading “Cancel the Browns (Not Safe for Pups)”