Conspiracy Theory Hour: The Sixers

Now this blog has no hard evidence, but when you connect some dots you start to see, how the NBA are screwing the Sixers and have been for years!

It starts with Sam Hinkie and tanking.

When Hinkie took the job and the Sixers embraced tanking and the fans accepted it, that caused a problem at NBA HQ. The first true pick of the process was Joel Embiid, and then he didn’t play, so the Sixers could add another top 3 player. HQ hated this move so much they forced the Sixers to fire Hinkie and hire those rays the Colengelo family. You know what they did next? Draft Jahil Oakfor! When porzingus was the next pick! Think about this in 2015 the Knicks had a better draft then Sixers…that’s crazy town. Thankfully they didn’t fuck up the next draft, but the Colengelo’s certainly fucked up the 2017 draft. They traded up for the number 1 pick Fultz. Now I don’t blame them for the Fultz mental debacle, but I can certainly criticize the trade. Everyone knew the lakers was taking Lonzo ball, so the C’s were gonna take Fultz or Tatum, and after the trade it came out the C’s were always gonna take Tatum. If your family are NBA lifers shouldn’t you have good sources and know that you are getting played by your rivals? Then burner gate happen and that story for a different blog.

Since the process started the NBA, has changed the draft lottery, to try and stop teams from tanking. The Sixers have literally changed how the NBA does business. Do you really think Silver would be happy if the Sixers are the only team to beat the system? He wants to show the process doesn’t work. How do you get the process to fail you get the media to turn on the Sixers!

The Sixers have been awful on the road, no denying that. Just because the Sixers stink on the road doesn’t mean Ben and JoJo can not play together. The Sixers home record isn’t the best in the NBA. If Ben and Jojo couldn’t play together then why are they dominant at home? Don’t tell ESPN that. Adam Silver and his peeps are pumping ESPN misinformation and using half truths. You want the truth here is the truth, It’s the NBA in the middle of the season, this happens every year. The NFL is over, March madness still a few weeks always, so the news is a bit slow for the national media. They look for a story and this year it’s the Sixers need to be blown up. This year you now have “the Sixers Demise.”

By the time April rolls around I give you the Swish Guarantee this blows over!


To our 5 British, 1 Canadian and 1 South African readers: FYI we have a presidential election here in the USA this year, and it’s going to be a fucking ZOOVIE. Whichever democratic candidate survives the 2020 democratic royal rumble will go on to face our current president Donald Trump, who is up for re-election this year, for the prestigious C+C gig. Years like this lead to much debate among us Americans about who we like for the job, often creating a bit of a divide amongst the masses. However I think there is a pretty clear path, mostly unrelated to politics, that is the best method for choosing which candidate is the best choice for you: WHOSE GOING TO HAVE YOU DRIPPIN THE HARDEST???

You see on top of taking donations, every candidate up for election also has their own online store to help boost campaign funds. Today we will take a look at the best apparel options available for the top candidates running for president, and determine if they are worth rocking with.

  1. Pete Buttigieg

This Democratic candidates best piece is the above faux shirt and tie t shirt pictured above, which doesn’t really get me going tbh. Shit looks like what a High school robotics club captain would wear to prom to be “funny,” and it still sucks even in that scenario. Pete’s logo ain’t really hittin, and neither is his merch, what makes you think this swagless motherfucker will improve our nation in any way if he can’t even drop a good tee? NEXT

2. Elizabeth Warren

Claiming you are .0006 native American for clout? BAD MOVE. Using your dog to move merch and connect with Americans on a more personal level? UHHHH GENIUS. For a campaign riddled with terrible fucking choices, big Lizzo nailed this design, I mean who doesn’t love cute animals?! Hiding all of your mistakes behind a cute fucking dog is perfect practice for when you have to hide all of your shady government dealings behind the cute face of freedom. I would rock the fuck out of this shirt, likely getting nothing but positive comments on it, because Warren knew nobody could hate a dog, even if they can be a bitch sometimes. COP THE FUCK UP.

3. Tom Steyer

Artist collab? CHECK. Funky design related to saving the planet? CHECK. A t shirt that really lets the people know who you are rocking with? NAH FAM HOW THE FUCK IS THIS A CAMPAIGN SHIRT?? I mean this shit looks like an urban outfitters best seller, the design is 100% there, but how is anyone supposed to know this is a Steyer jawn? They won’t, and unfortunately Tom Steyer won’t stop looking straight into the god damn camera during the debates long enough to do something about it. NEXT

4. Bernie Sanders

This an official collab with world famous rock band The Strokes, who recently played a Bernie rally in NH. I mean god damn, shit does not get any more FIYA than this. This is “drip 2 hard you gonna fuck around and drown” type shit. A STROKES COLLAB IN YOUR CAMPAIGN STORE?! Bernie you fucking scoundrel, not only are you going to #legalizeit day one in the office, you got a Julian Casablanca co sign?? Shit ain’t even fair to the other candidates, BERNIE FOR PRESIDENT is officially the wagon im hitching my RDR2 horse, Kanye East, to. COP COP COP COP COP COP COP.

5. Amy Klobuchar

Honestly I don’t even understand what I’m looking at here, this some boomer type drip and im not here for that. But when I say this design was better than the rest of her “swag” I genuinely mean it. BASURA all around, can’t have this lady dropping garage like this from the Oval Office. YEET.

6. Donald Trump

Our current reigning, defending, President of the United States sure knows his audience, which I will refer to as the #MAGAMAFIA. These people, a collection of Trump supporters who fucking hate liberals and political correctness, just want to Make America Great Again. How do they go about doing this? By copping sweet fucking tees like the one above so that when they are done cyber bullying the libs online, they can take to the streets and show those snowflake yuppies whose boss. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has a strong fucking brand and an even stronger twitter presence, people will cop the fuck outta that tee because to them it’s off white nike levels of drip. Hey at least we know where he stands right? COP.

Get out there and blow a hard earned bag of dead presidents on some political drip ASAP while its trending up, because come 2021 it’ll all be over for another 4 years.

Breaking News: Gronk to Appear at SummerSlam

Scoop City, population Water Cooler Talk. That’s is right I have been talking to my sources, and getting the details and now I can confirm, that former Patriot Rob Gronkowski will be at SummerSlam this year in Boston, for some big money.

Now my sources haven’t told me if he will be in the ring and actually wrestling, but knows that Gronk and WWE have agreed to a deal.

The person most involved with getting the deal done on WWE side was the Game Triple H.

Now people will question Water Cooler Talk’s sources, but make no mistake we got real deal Holyfield sources. Before we became a .org we also broke the Phillies manager news. When we break news you can take it to the bank Jack!

P.S. That pic up top is a top 15 pic of all time for me. It just has everything you could ever want. Hope Bill is ringside for Gronk at SummerSlam this year.

Tough Tweet Tuesday

no brainer….backtracked and claimed it’s “obvious he’s not talking about Koreans in this tweet” 🤷🏼
Dalvin Cook (who went for 94 and two Tuddies) and Michael Thomas disagree
Get this off my feed
Classic social media intern trying way too hard to be funny, take that L
The internet didn’t make fun of Rebecca cuz she was a woman, it’s cuz her music was 🗑, she hired a professional music video, I think she had some resources, don’t drag my boi Biebs into this

The Official First Week Review of the XFL

Review Score: It wasn’t the worse football I’ve ever seen.

There are some major flaws with the XFL, and will get to them, but first I wanted to say what they did well.

The kickoff. That is the main thing the XFL got right. I believe the new kickoff rules will be adopted by the NFL within the next 10 years.

The football. I don’t know about you guys but when I saw that spiral it turned me on. That is a good looking football. It took them a year to get it right, but it is def a great ball.

The atmosphere. It seemed like every crowd was 20K plus. It also seemed like the people in the stands were enjoying themselves. Like that one weirdo Guardians fan who ate a slice of orange kraft cheese in front of the TV.

Now here is the potion the XFL was ok.

The announcing/on field mics. I enjoyed watching the plays being called. I also enjoyed how everything was out in the open. There were some sideline interviews, however that were so god damn boring. Big bad Vince needs to take some of these players to promo school. The announcers themselves were fine. Nothing to crazy they are just kind of there. Personally I’d like the announcers to bet the game they are calling and tell people on air what they have.

The play itself. There are legit some skill on the field. There was some nice plays, and there were a few future NFL players out there. Now it was not flawless. When I saw a team with 35 seconds left in the first half try to kick a field goal and failed to even get a kick off, you know there is stuff to work on, but the football was ok.

Now here are the problems with the XFL.

No stars. This league needs a Tebow, a Johnny football, or a Kap. There are no players you can hold your hat to and say yea I know who exactly it that dude is.

March Madness. People always talk about how we are going to miss football, but really that is only for a couple weeks, because March madness picks up and everyone follows their brackets. Can the XFL really draw ratings during that?

No history. This one is tough because you can’t do anything about it but it is true. When you root for Notre Dame, the Yankees, the Celtics, and whoever there is a history about that time, that you can learn and appreciate and understand. My age group never got to see Larry Bird in his prime or Mickie Mantle dominate, but we know of them. We have watched their highlights we have read the books. The XFL teams do not have that. What does it mean to be a NY Gaurdian, because I know what it means to be a Yankee.

The XFL had a great first weekend, but we have been here before. I want a great week 6, and week 7 and so on, to get excited for this league.

SKEET SKEET SKEET: the 5 best Palace SP20 items

London based skateboarding behemoth Palace unveiled their full Spring 2020 collection today, let’s take a look at the 5 (I guess 6 if you’re a big math guy) items that are must cops….


Alright technically this is 2 items, but copping one and not the other is just some wasteman shit. Imagine having that many pockets at your disposal?! I’d have 12 darts on me at all times, at least $80 in $1-$5 bills that I received as change from various transactions, 3 Blue Eyes White Dragon cards, and an industrial sized hand sanitizer bottle for when you lames dap me up in public. Can never have enough pockets, that’s just facts.


Birds love a man in a wacky button down in the summer months, and Buddhist chicks will especially love your drip in this spicy lil number. Wacky button down just screams “I am proper enough to wear a collared shirt, BUT BET YOUR ASS ILL DROP ACID AND CRUSH SOME MAD DOG 20/20’s curbside in FiDi on a Saturday afternoon in July.” Invest before this trend is over by end of summer 2020.


Modeled after a CLASSIC Kronenbourg 1664 blanc beer (if you don’t know what that is, get there and learn some culture), what appears to be an unopened brew is actually a stash tin for whatever you would like to hide inside. Mine would have 12 more darts and an additional Blue Eyes white Dragon I couldn’t fit in my bare pockets trackie.


Drunk in your basement with the lads on a Saturday night with nothing to do? Better break out the pointy baby arrows and toss em at this fucker here. Who doesn’t love darts? Who doesn’t love frosty beers? Cop up and impress all visitors with your classy taste in bar games.


Listen I don’t have a dog and I am 1000000% a cat guy, adding this to the list because of the copy writing, I mean god damn that’s hilarious copy. Whoever does this shit for palace deserves all the quid, what a cheeky motherfucker.

Palace Spring 2020 dates:



11:00AM GMT 11:00AM EST 8:00AM PST



Bracket SZN

The time is finally around the corner, bracket SZN where every media outlet will create fictional brackets to connect to the NCAA tournament also known as March madness. Some people will produce brackets of best tv show characters, best porn Star, etc.

But this March WCT is bringing you the bracket of all brackets…

The Worst Takes Bracket. 64 of the COLDEST 🥶 takes in sports and only one can reg super cold. Coming in March, 4 weeks breaking down the worst and funniest sports takes.

Stay tuned.


It’s opening weekend for the XFL and everyone’s still got the gambling itch coming off the Super Bowl and with no other football replacement, what are you gonna bet on the rigged NBA or the crapshoot that is college basketball this year? Nope, time to take your investment to XFL

SEA vs DAL -8

Dallas has solid name power with Cardale Jones and AAF legend Rashad Ross you should make a solid duo and should put up some points. Seattle has little fire power and starting QB is a guy who started the AAF as backup to Christian Hackenberg….take the defenders here

Dallas -8

LA Wildcats vs Houston Roughnecks -6

Former Temple owl mobile QB PJ walker beat out NFL playoff QB Connor Cook for the roughnecks and with the help of former Steelers Sammie Coates look to produce a strong offensive attack. LA is led by some star power as Qb Josh Johnson will be under center for the wildcats. With little offensive weapons josh Johnson will have to create some playmakers in a smash mouth football offense. The legend of Shawn Oakman returns to the grid iron after defeating every star athletes biggest nemesis, a false rape accusation. Expect Oakman to play with something to prove.

LA wildcats +6

TB Vipers -2.5 vs NY Guuardians

I would not expect Matt McGloin to lead the guardians very far before being replaced by backup Luis Perez who had a solid season in the AAF. Guardians will be a defensive unit led by HC Kevin Gilbride. Look for NY to try to prey on a vulnerable Aaron Murray who sucks. Despite QB Aaron Murray, three time Grey cup champion Marc Trestman has had success in non traditional football formats and should have some early success. Nick trusedell at TE will be a WEAPON for Murray and the vipers.

Vipers -2.5


Dallas Defenders -9 vs STL Battlehawks

Coach Bob stoops and QB Landry Jones reunite in Dallas as XFL title favorites and should feature a high power air raid offense with a lot of NFL talent including Cameron Artis Payne. Battle hawks are already being doubted not only with the highest spread of opening week but predicted as a bottom two XFL team. A colossal OL will help lead the ground and pound gritty midwestern offense led by NFL combine all pro Christine Michael and former NFL player Matt Jones. Jordan Ta’amu could be a big sleeper but really just hand it off to C mike. Take the points here, Missouri football is hot

Battlehawks +9.5

Is the Tabacoo Road Rivlary Dead?

I mean just look at these jerseys? They look like fucking Lax Pennies and that is suppose to get you hype for the rivalry? UNC legit has one of the best jerseys in all of sports, and for anniversary you put out this garbage. Michael Jordan should be ashamed!

The players don’t care anymore because Coach K is trying to be John Cal with the one and done, so there is no hate there. Add in UNC stinks this year, why should I watch? ESPN doesn’t even have Dickie V on the call! There will be no Diaper Dandies in this game!

It is so sad to see Duke and UNC rivalry die right in front of our eyes. As the ACC takes a back seat and is no longer the biggest baddest basketball conference, their biggest basketball rivalry is now dead too!

So this Saturday at 6 PM while I should be watching Duke UNC, I will not be watching. What I will be watching is the XFL!!!

Fast & Furious 9: Tokyo Drift 2


Now unless you’ve been living under a rock on some pink starfish shit, I’m sure you’ve at least heard that the trailer for the 9th install of the FAST SAGA (apparently what the Fast & Furious movies are called now) dropped on the masses last week.

He lives!

Besides the trailer being way too long, not featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson because he unfortunately isn’t in the film and being set to a DJ snake SLAPPER, it ends with a pretty crazy plot twist: Han is BACK. Long thought dead after Jason Statham’s character Deckard Shaw supposedly murdered him in the 3rd film in the series, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (which wasn’t revealed until the post credit scene of the 6th film, as Tokyo Drift takes place after Fast 6 canonically), Han apparently survived the fiery blaze.

Shaw takes out Han in Tokyo Drift

As a BIG TIME Tokyo Drift head myself, I was ecstatic to see Han in the flesh, but upon a rewatch of the trailer I caught something I didn’t catch the first time: Han isn’t the only Tokyo Drift character returning in Fast 9. Eagle eyed fans will have caught a quick glimpse of Sean Boswell, the main character from Tokyo Drift who was portrayed by Lucas Black, in the trailer:

NOT ONLY THAT, but the gentleman in the SPICY Moncler vest in the above image is Earl, the tech guy in Sean/Hans crew in Tokyo Drift, who apparently also is returning for F9.


Long treated as the bastard child in the F&F franchise (despite being the best film, I’ll die in this hill), Tokyo Drift looks to finally be getting the follow up it deserves, with the characters from it having a bigger role than brief cameos in some of the recent films (I hope). Let’s pray they really put some respect on D.K. Sean’s name (that’s Drift king for the uninformed), and have him race side by side with the rest of the #FastFamily.