Goldberg vs Macaulay Culkin

Yesterday big daddy Vince McMahon took a giant shit all over hardcore wrestling fans but making Goldberg the new champ. One fan who was pissed was Home Alone star, Mac Culkin.

Mania this year in Tampa

As an older man you do not piss off Kevin McAllister! Just ask Joe Pesci and the Hot Ice guy from Rookie of the year. Did Goldberg take this advice, and apologize to Mac?


Then Macaulay taking a shot right back at Goldberg. This has historic rivalry written all over it!

Goldberg with his super spear of deaths vs the Smarts of Kevin McAllister? If Kevin is able to put a nail in a ladder and make Goldberg step on that ladder, I think he will be able to pull the upset over Bill Goldberg. Who do you think will won this new historically rivalry?

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