NBA fit brick

DARIUS FUCKING BAZLEY… MY GUY… WHAT IN THE FUCK IS THIS?!?!? Let me just say that I am a huge fan. Skipping college for a New Balance internship to help push the New Balance Basketball relaunch is a total BOSS move… BUT my guy who tf taught you how to dress?! The only two thingsContinue reading “NBA fit brick”

Top 20 Menswear essentials of 2020 πŸ“

As a known taste god and fashion writer here, it is my duty to ditch your Sears outfits and put you on game. Being that it is only the early stages of 2020, yall have a full decade to transform your look. That being said here is my personal top 20 menswear essentials that IContinue reading “Top 20 Menswear essentials of 2020 πŸ“”

Mount Rushmore of Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Listen, we all know that turkey fucking sucks and that anyone who eats it on a regular day is a monster… The one execption to this rule is Thanksgiving. BUT if you are a real one you say FUCK Turkey and eat twice your body weight in sides. Keep in mind if you aren’t onContinue reading “Mount Rushmore of Thanksgiving Side Dishes”

Will Blogging Unions lead to the End of Water Cooler Talk????

Short answer Hellllllllll No! This blog will be taken down by me when my bookie comes for my legs because I will have bet way to much on a Villanova basketball game. However, blogging unions have basically ended what was left of Deadspin. I am still looking for in the wild people who read Deadspin,Continue reading “Will Blogging Unions lead to the End of Water Cooler Talk????”