The Space Jam 2 logo is foreshadowing exactly what kind of movie it will be

Today Lebron James shared the official logo/full name for the upcoming sequel to Michael Jordan’s 90s classic SPACE JAM with a very sleek dad hat: “Space Jam: A New Legacy” is the official title for the long awaited sequel. Let’s blow that logo up for our shitty eyesight readers: I mean dddddaamnnnnn this shit justContinue reading “The Space Jam 2 logo is foreshadowing exactly what kind of movie it will be”

Ligue 1 is CANCELLED

Following announcements from both The Belgian pro league and Dutch Eredivisie that all remaining games in those top flight soccer seasons would be cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, today the French Ligue 1 followed suit cancelling the remainder of their season as well. The French league, considered the 5th biggest competition globally/in Europe,Continue reading “Ligue 1 is CANCELLED”


Do you know how tough it is to blog about stuff when there is no stuff happening?! Shit don’t sweat it though, I’m now pulling list ideas out of my ass like I work for in 2011, it’s power ranking szn babyyyyyy! Let’s start this list shit off with a magical one, a definitiveContinue reading “POWER RANKING ALL 7 HARRY POTTER BOOKS BECAUSE I AM OUT OF IDEAS GODDAMNIT”

FASHUN FRIDAY: the 3 best face masks to flex during quarantine

We currently live in the world where it is infinitely necessary to protect yourself when you are out in public (which should only be a very short amount of time daily, stay home kids), and a face mask is the corner stone of that protection. Unfortunately the Tom Brady of face masks, the 3M N95,Continue reading “FASHUN FRIDAY: the 3 best face masks to flex during quarantine”

1 more week until the #BigDickDynasty begins

Don’t look now but the Bengals are BACK. Management finally splashed the cash this offseason brining in DJ Reader to reload the D-line, bolstered the secondary bringing in former first round pick Trae Waynes from Minnesota, franchise tagged the best hands in the league in veteran AJ Green, and with last years first round pickContinue reading “1 more week until the #BigDickDynasty begins”

Furloughed and Fraggin: life in isolation

I was furloughed from my lovely full time job 2 weeks back, so I filed for unemployment and settled in for what was sure to be one boring isolation vacation. I started applying to jobs left and right, but by week 2 it was clear no new jobs were being posted and companies were likelyContinue reading “Furloughed and Fraggin: life in isolation”

Real Bros of Simi Power Rankings

In the midst of season 3 of RBOSM so feel it’s only appropriate to rank these bros Bryce: Washed up skate legend Bryce is easily Simi Valley’s biggest attraction. from his legendary days at Simi high to his epic comeback as a pro skater can’t deny how chill Bryce is, dude will start fights withContinue reading “Real Bros of Simi Power Rankings”

We have a new #1 public enemy

Besides obviously corona virus which is top priority, we have a new sole focus as public enemy number 1….Ben Affleck As you probably know, while shooting some hack of a film, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have been getting quite cozy. I didn’t want to believe it myself but unfortunately the paparazzi keeps throwingContinue reading “We have a new #1 public enemy”