Is Trey Wingo a Psychopath???

So over the busy weekend of sports an interesting tweet came from Trey Wingo.

Then one of the first replies under this Trey Wingo tweet, is the original tweet that went viral over TWO YEARS AGO!

Why would Trey even tweet this??? It left our lord and savior PFT Commentor in a tail spin, and trying to investigate why he would tweet such a thing!

It has been about 72 hours and no explanation, no nothing, in fact espn people have tweeted him like it was real!

How could this be?!?!? I need answers! ESPN has finally crossed the line! They can sully and drag Tom Brady’s name through the mud, but when Trey Wingo tweets out a pic of bear and pretends it is his bear, is crossing the line!

I demand answers ESPN! Until I get an answer I am banning all Trey Wingo content!

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