Stolen dank memes valor


I am pleased to announce WCT has a meme page on Twitter now where you can get your daily dose of dank laughs: @memegod42069420

As you can see, unlike that loser fuckjerry we are going to be completely up front about where these memes are coming from : mostly stolen from reddit. Granted there will be plenty of original memes on there, in order to keep you laughing every day we are going to rely on the über talented contributors to the r/DANKMEMES Subreddit for content. This is a practice that every single meme page you follow on social media uses and they are lying to you if they don’t admit it.

Think of me as a meme curator, vetting through all the not dank shit to get your that GOOD spice, and even throwing my own shit on top of it. Give it a follow, I promise you won’t regret it.

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