Bocou Blogging Combine

It’s combine season, so you know were talking 40 times, hand sizes, and even stars of David. Despite missing my calling of being an elite Patriots system slot WR, I figure I could test out the tangibles of my new profession, blogging.

First off we’ll start with the measureables…

Height: 5 ft 11 inches

Weight: a clean 160

Proof is in the pudding

Hand Size: 7.5 inches

You know what they say about big hands….they don’t look like this

Vertical Keyboard Reach: Control key to “-” key ( 9 inches whaddup Joe Burrow)

you could say, I’m the perfect specimen.

The bench press is a big deal in Indy, but Bocou’s rule number 1 is don ‘t got to the gym but were still mashing the bar. The space bar. 225 times in 30 seconds? Here we go.

Damnnn how can a 160 pound 5 foot 11* specimen put up these kind of numbers? woulda cleared the set but accidentally hit some letters that messed up the reps smh…#saveBoston’swaterfront

They say speed kills. Now I’m not gonna go run an inaccurately timed 4.5 like I would do but time for the type est where not only speed and spelling matter…yikes

average WPM is 30-40, rare to see this kind of all around talent…98% spelling accuracy…hopefully YG doesnt implement this benchmark into my yearly review

Lastly and probably the most crucial…Three cone drill which shows quickness and agility…meet the the Three app drill: Three crucial news sources in the blogging game (twit, IG, reddit duh), to get the quickest jump on the new story. Twitter to IG to twitter to IZG, reddit to IG, to twitter, clock it.

πŸƒ πŸ”₯ πŸƒ πŸ”₯

Draft value sky rocketing…may have to head into YG’s office for a raise, no way Metsfan or swish can attain these measurables

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