Tim Tebow is a Filipino?

For so god damn reason Tebow thinks he is a baseball player. Instead of joining the XFL and actually making an impact, he said nah, that’s during baseball season!

This guy will never make it to the big leagues on his merit. He may make it one day as a publicity stunt because lol mets is a real thing. So what does Tebow decide to do for his baseball career? Denounce our country and become a Filipino!

Wait a Traitor! If you are not good enough to make your content team you do not just leave our country and join a new one! I’d like to join Team USA basketball, but when I fail at the goal I’m not going to join Team Guam!

Getting married and having sex has really changed this guy. Tebow just do us all a favor and play in the XFL.

P.S. At least twice a year I still think about how Tim Tebow won a NFL playoff game. Think how crazy that is! Tim Tebow has more playoff wins then Yung God has ever seen his beloved Bengals win!

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