WCT 2020 Album of the year

”but Yung God, it’s only March 2nd, why would you announce the album of the year now?!” Is probably what you’re thinking, however if you are thinking this you probably haven’t heard the CERTIFIED BIG GANG SLAPPER that is Color Theory by Soccer Mommy.

Soccer Mommy, who is already certified pitchfork royalty, has been around for a hot minute now, but it appears as though Color Theory will be the album that puts the band firmly into the limelight. Starting off with a banger in “Bloodstream“, the album only takes a break from upbeat melancholy jams to dive into low key melancholy jams on tracks like “night swimming,” and doesn’t let up even once, seriously every track is as solid as the Wizards backcourt when John Wall is healthy.

Color Theory by Soccer Mommy is available for streaming on all major platforms now, but you should totally cop the vinyl because it looks fucking sick.

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