The early 2000s were a strange time for sneakers, with society entrenched in a brand new millennium, the trends of the time reflected a vision of the future, people were living in 2001 but DRIPPING LIKE IT WAS 2061. There was a lot of questionable shit that dropped at the time as brands provided their own visions of the future to keep up with the trends, however in sea of frosted tips and Canadian tuxedos, there was 1 gem that was (and still is) ahead of its time. I am obviously referring to the Nike clogposite AKA the Nike Solo Slide.

The Clogposite is essentially a Nike Flightposite cut in half and turned into one AMAZING clog. These sat on shelf’s and collected dust in the early 2000s but somehow received the retro treatment in 2014, when they were sold for around $120. Why did it come back if it wasn’t successful the first time? Well the true tastemakers of the world, the Japanese consumer, grew quite attached to them and like the New Balance 1300 or Reebok Beatnik, the clogposite gained cult status in the Far East.

This cult like status in Japan and failure to succeed in the states has presented quite the problem for collectors like myself, as pairs from both drops are extremely hard to come by in my size in any color, let alone the holy grail “USA” colorway pictured above. You see I’m usually VERY good at hunting weird shit like this down, because nobody else is usually looking. For example I snagged Reebok Beatniks off of Rakuten just last week, as I figured out they were readily available in Asia, so in my efforts to stay 4 laps ahead of the curve I copped up, and just like with the Birkenstock Boston I expect the fashion killas of the world to Jack that swag in the coming years.

However my efforts in finding a pair of the USA clogposites have been futile over the years to say the least, even when they retro’d in 2014 they were impossible to find. I’ve looped in foamposite experts like sneaker Dave on Twitter, reached out on Niketalk and other sneaker groups, only to get flamed for my quest to cop clogs that most think should have never existed in the first place. Granted this USA clogposite was a quick strike so there are likely less than 5000 pairs globally, with most of those being in Japan.

All in all this quest will continue until in either dead or rocking American flag clogs poolside, looking like an absolute stud. If you or anyone you know has a lead please for the love of god reach out, I’m also looking for the eggplant and urban jungle gym colorways (pictured below). Y’all can keep your yeezys, I just want my clogs 😖

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