My Best Baseball Bet of 2020 is…

The NL MVP this year will be Bryce Harper.

First reason is the motivation. Before this pandemic Bryce had that extra motivation with his former team winning the World Series.

Second, the 60 game season helps Harper’s game more then most super stars. Bryce is a full tilt type of player. He wants to go 120% every game. In a 162 game season that is just not possible, you will more then likely get hurt. With only 60 games and extra motivation, I believe we will get Bryce at full go for a full season.

Third and finale, the sheer value of Bryce Harper as MVP is too good to pass up. Depending on where you place your bet the odds are 13-1 to 20-1 for Bryce to win MVP. SIGN ME UP FOR THOSE ODDS!

This upcoming baseball season will be the weirdest one yet, so having a 13-1 odds as a lock will be a nice way to make up for those Ls.

The Space Jam 2 logo is foreshadowing exactly what kind of movie it will be

Today Lebron James shared the official logo/full name for the upcoming sequel to Michael Jordan’s 90s classic SPACE JAM with a very sleek dad hat:

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” is the official title for the long awaited sequel. Let’s blow that logo up for our shitty eyesight readers:

I mean dddddaamnnnnn this shit just looks like every other modern day bland CGI kids movie title card, if I looked fast I would’ve sworn that shit said “megamind.” I get that it’s trying to be fun and space themed, but what we end up getting is exactly what the movie will be: a soulless pile of dog shit. Yes I get that it’s just a logo, but everything about this movie screams “heartless cash grab” or “cheap imitation.” Hollywood seems to be completely spent on original ideas, even when it comes to everything is looking the same. Lebron realized he couldn’t match MJs in court accomplishments so he decided to try and finagle his way into the convo for GOAT by stealing his off the court juice?! Nah man this shit is going to be a significantly shittier overhyped sequel, that makes a lot of money, much like Lebron himself.


Ligue 1 is CANCELLED

Following announcements from both The Belgian pro league and Dutch Eredivisie that all remaining games in those top flight soccer seasons would be cancelled due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, today the French Ligue 1 followed suit cancelling the remainder of their season as well.

The French league, considered the 5th biggest competition globally/in Europe, taking this step is massive and it will be quite interesting to see how the big 4 leagues (English, German,Italian and Spanish) react to this decision. While those 4 leagues still seem set on playing out the remainder of their seasons in some way, this Ligue 1 decision may pressure those competitions to follow suit.

It is my understanding that the French government stepped in and declared all sporting events canceled for the duration of the year, meaning this decision was in a sense forced onto Ligue 1 officials. The league has yet to decided what to do with the championship, champions league places and the promotion/relegation spots for the 2020-2021 season, but all signs point to them voiding the 19/20 season despite it being 2/3 complete. That means no champion will be crowned and no teams will be promoted/relegated, but this could change following meetings set to be held later this month.

The footballing worlds eyes are sure to be set on how this plays out in France, but I’m hoping we at least get some behind closed doors action from the big 4, GOD WE NEED SOME FOOTY 😣😔😖.


Do you know how tough it is to blog about stuff when there is no stuff happening?! Shit don’t sweat it though, I’m now pulling list ideas out of my ass like I work for in 2011, it’s power ranking szn babyyyyyy!

Let’s start this list shit off with a magical one, a definitive ranking of all 7 ORIGINAL (fuck that play script cursed child shit) Harry Potter BOOKS according to ya boi, *****OBVIOUSLY SPOILER WARNING******:

7. The Sorcerers Stone

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) – 1/28/97 by J.K. Rowling Original Mary GrandPre’ cover design

Hand up, yes I said “sorcerers,” outing myself as an American swine , as this book was originally released across the pond as “ The Philosophers Stone” back in the late 90s. A fire start to the series, the Sorcerers stones let’s the audience dip it’s toes into the wizarding world of Harry Potter by introducing us to Hogwarts, Quidditch, Hermione’s big ass brain, the story of Harry’s parents death/his life with the Dursley’s and the fall/back of the head rebirth of Voldemort. This novel only ranks low because it’s the start of the journey, as Miss Rowling really sets the stage for the magic ahead by introducing us to places and people we will become far more familiar with over the course of the series. This is just entry level wizardry shit, but god damnit does it get me GOING.

6. The Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter #3) – 9/8/99 by J.K. Rowling Original Mary GrandPre’ cover design

Barely edging out the first novel in the series, AZKABAN ranks low because it doesn’t rrreeaaalllyyyy do much for the over arching plot in the long run. It introduces extremely important characters like Sirius Black, hits us with one hell of a twist with the identity of Ron’s pet rat, and brings us to hogsmead for the first time to sip on that sweet sweet butter beer, but doesn’t really move the Harry vs. he who must not be named plot along much. Lupin is one of my favorite characters in the whole series and the time travel shit in this book is very dope, but I can’t help but feel like this book left me wanting more Voldemort, especially after the conclusion to the second novel….

5. The Chamber of Secrets

The follow up to the book that started the wizarding craze, J.K. really gets the ball rolling on the Harry vs. Voldemort feud with this one. A plot that involves vicious attacks by an unseen figure on all residents of Hogwarts, this novel plays out as both a mystery and a history lesson on the aforementioned school. We learn about the Chamber of Secrets, Godric Gryffindor’s sword, and most importantly that bastard fuck Tom Riddle AKA Lord Voldemort before he lost his nose. The second entry does a great job of kicking the level of danger up from the first, while continuing to delve into WHY Voldemort is the way that he is, Harry’s connection to him and we even get more of Potter spitting Parseltongue BARS at snakes trying to fuck with him.

4. The Order of the Phoenix

The first novel set in a post resurrected Voldemort world, ORDER sets the stage for the series eventual endgame by establishing clear cut factions on each side of good vs. evil, The order of the Phoenix vs. Voldemort and his death eaters. Said Order is made up of only the best fucking characters previously introduced in the series, and captained by Harry’s uncle Sirius Black, a coalition of men/women dead set on defeating he who must not be named. We get to see Voldemort in action for the first time in a brazy battle at the ministry of magic, the first truly epic fight between both sides in the series after Rowling spent the first 4 books establishing who’s who and why they are involved. RIP Sirius tho 🥺

3. The Half Blood Prince

This book really cranked this shit to 11 plot wise after Order got the second half of the series rolling. Between Dumbeldore’s memory pool thing, the introduction of horcruxes, a bit more Tom Riddle history and Snape’s true role in the series all being revealed, by the end of the novel it is clear we are fully in the endgame now. Draco Malfoy also gets his most prominent role since making the quidditch team in Chambers, as his character really gets fleshed out in some very tragic ways. The ending is a fucking DOOZY as well, as we see Snape kill Dumbeldore, one of the toughest events to read through of the entire series. This book is truly a master class in breaking down the conflict of good vs. evil, and sets up one hell of a finale….

2. The Deathly Hallows

NOW THIS IS HOW YOU STICK THE LANDING, Rowling dropped one of the best finales to anything ever with this one. From the start this book ups the anti, with a dramatic mid air battle where see Hedwig fall and Mad Eye killed as the Order tries to move Harry to a safe location away from Voldemort’s reach, setting the tone for arguably the darkest book in the series. From the horcrux searching all the way to the final battle at Hogwarts, the stakes truly feel the most real here. Don’t even get me started on how brave I think Snape is after the revelation of what he did for Harry, god damn what an excellent way for that character to go out. Truthfully one of the best finishes to any series across all platforms, Rowling cemented her pen being hung from the rafters of all times great authors with this one.

1.The Goblet of Fire

The Tri-Wizarding Tournament, that’s all I really have to say…..I MEAN GOD DAMN WHAT A BOOK. We not only get the aforementioned tourney, we get Voldemort in his full flesh for the first time, a large expansion of the world outside of just Hogwarts, and we finally get some fucking dragons. From the long awaited return of he who must not be named to the ins and outs of the worlds most dangerous tournament, and Mad eye fucking Moody, this book does an excellent job of wrapping up our FULL introduction into this world and establishing the stakes for what’s to come. No longer are we talking about past events, Voldemort is BACK and that changes the course of the entire series afterwards. This is the boom that truly hooked the world on this series, and an easy choice for #1.

Again this list is just MY opinion, and I would love to hear some of your feedback as well, RIP Hedwig one time.

Crocs or the stocks?

With activity at an all time low due to most of us (the smart ones anyways) quarantining indoors 98% of the time, many of us have adapted our own personal styles to fit within these confines, wether it be sweatpants 24/7 or free balling regardless of your bottoms, we’ve all found a way to stay comfortable on lockdown. However being a big footwear guy I faced a dilemma, what should I be rocking on my feet indoors 24/7? Now I’m not talking about sneakers/boots inside, that’s just nasty, I’m referring to a house shoe, like a slipper or maybe a pair of slides. Not everyone rocks house shoes I understand, sock gang over every thang people I see you, but I often prefer something cushioning my every step or keeping my toe digits warm even when I’m just booling watching Avengers: Endgame for the 38th time in 2 weeks.

My main problem has been trying to determine the most appropriate footwear choice for this season, the spring, and it’s harder than I initially thought it would be. You see it’s too warm for slippers/moccasins, but also too cold for having my toes out in my Gucci slides yet, so that leaves me with one option: the mule or clog, more specifically a pair of crocs or a pair of Birkenstock Boston’s.

the Birkenstock Boston

A pair of Crocs (duh)

You see they both offer very similar things: a slip on design where I don’t have to bend over to put them on (perfect for when I wake up in a sweat on the couch at 4:55am because I fell asleep watching Avengers: Endgame for the 39th time and I’m out of it with cold feet), a wide comfortable toe area for maximum comfort and a stylish look that makes be look like a top chef (the crocs give me a “this guy probably makes great chili” vibe, and while the stocks give me a “this guy probably makes his own soft pretzels” vibe). Both offer just enough coverage where I’m not too hot or too cold, my feet are breathing while also being covered up front, truly an incredible feeling. But which has more drip for booling at home?

Pharrell in some crocs on the red carpet
the GOAT Kanye West in some Birks

The crocs offer the most plush comfort and are anti microbial, meaning they are stink free when I rock them without socks, while the birks offer much more arch support and too have their own anti stank properties. But there is one KEY deal breaker that sways the pendulum towards the Stocks: the Kanye West endorsement. He has been spotted in the Birkenstock Boston twice now, cementing it as a style for the most stylish, and pushing it by inches past the crocs in this drip off for the ages.

However I would like to end with one final point: If Kanye would’ve just dropped his version of Crocs, the Yeezy Foam Runner (pictures above) that would be the perfect and obvious answer to my footwear dilemma. So Mr.West, please unleash the hottest shoe of the year so I can buy every single color, quarantine is about to get wayyyy more fire once you do.

FASHUN FRIDAY: the 3 best face masks to flex during quarantine

We currently live in the world where it is infinitely necessary to protect yourself when you are out in public (which should only be a very short amount of time daily, stay home kids), and a face mask is the corner stone of that protection. Unfortunately the Tom Brady of face masks, the 3M N95, is completely sold out everywhere, and reselling for big bucks online, leaving us plebeians with no other option than to rock cloth/non airborne particle jawnz. These masks are nowhere even remotely close to effective as the N95 technical piece, but hey they are at least SOMETHING to help protect your facial orifices when you are out in public practicing social distancing.

With that said, let’s take a look at 3 masks that are sure to provide you plenty of drip when you are walking the sidewalks with death looming all around you:

Bape Shark Camo face mask/hood

This spicy 2 in 1 jawn from Japan’s greatest ever brand (sorry Visvim, I said what I said) takes the hood portion from their classic shark face hood design and couples it with a built in face mask. Not only are you covering your mouth/nose, you’re covering your big ass head in streetwears most famous camo. Your friend that’s really into Rick Owens might call you a hypebeast, but that guy can go fuck himself, Bape is king shit, always has been always will be. Now available on Bape’s web store for $269.

Eric Emmanuel Face Mask

A very basic white design from the current KING of shorts, NY designer Eric Emmanuel, all white with a couple logo hits so the kids know you know what the fuck is up. EE has been cranking out the worlds best shorts for a few years now, with color ways often inspired by classic pro sports palettes, and has collaborated with everyone from Bape to Reebok on some of the best pieces this writer has seen in years. EE is still young and relatively new to the game, so why not get in now and cop a pair of shorts as that is also the only way to acquire a mask, since they are being give away for free with each purchase.

STANDARD ISSUE basic mask (3-pack)

A very clean and very simple mask from the modern day basic goods gods at standard issue. Already making big time waves with their basic tees/pants/shorts, all of which put fit (the key to looking good) over loud logos/branding, the masks were a logical next step given the current climate/leftover materials they had lying around. Available now in a 3-pack for $15.

Everyone should have a mask right now, so even if it isn’t one of these fire flame pieces PLEASE PLEASE COP ONE right now if you don’t already have one yet. Stay safe, but make sure you drip hard too.

1 more week until the #BigDickDynasty begins

Don’t look now but the Bengals are BACK. Management finally splashed the cash this offseason brining in DJ Reader to reload the D-line, bolstered the secondary bringing in former first round pick Trae Waynes from Minnesota, franchise tagged the best hands in the league in veteran AJ Green, and with last years first round pick Jonah Williams is expected to be healthy after missing the entirety of last year….things are looking up in the jungle. All of that is on top of studs like Joe Mixon, Geno Atkins, and 2019 breakout receiving duo Tyler Boyd/John Ross returning….SHEEEEESH.


The cherry on top of it all is that the Bengals have the first pick in this years draft, a pick that they will more than likely use on reigning national champion, LSU quarterback and Ohio’s own Joe Burrow. Burrow is coming off of a 2019 season in which he had 60 passing touchdowns, which broke the single-season FBS record previously held by Colt Brennan in 2006 (58).His 5,671 passing yards ranks third all-time in an FBS season, tied with Case Keenum (2009).His passer rating of 202 for the season was also a record and several sportswriters deemed the season to be the greatest ever by a college quarterback. I MEAN GOD DAMN, this kid is not only lava rock hot at the moment but seems poised to do GREAT things in the NFL. Given the Bengals supporting cast, he should have a fair amount of weapons at his disposal to get things off to a hot start.

For the first time in a long long time the Bengals seem like they will actually pose a serious threat next year, at least on paper. My hopes are high, maybe absurdly high tbh, as I truthfully think this squad can win a super bowl.


Water Cooler Talk Exclusive: We will get to follow Buddy Jawn and his Journey to the Majors!

Buddy Jawn is one of the fastest rising stars for the San Francisco Giants. He is a 19 year old Swiss who moved to America as a young lad. At the age of 7 he played some pick up Wiffleball with the local kids. His first swing in the game he hit the ball 330 feet at 7! Since then he was a prodigy.

He was drafted at 18 years and was sent straight to AA. He hit 30 bombs and 95 RBIs leading his team to the playoffs. In the playoffs he tried and carry his team but his teammates were just dead weight and lost in last game in the series. Jawn hit .320 during all post season, but wasn’t enough.

Since Buddy Jawn did so well in AA, the Giants had to call him up to Triple A. Buddy had to face some adversity having his worst month in his career, hitting .167 with 2 home runs. Since the first month Jawn has risen his batting average to .270 now second on the team in home runs doubles, RBIs, and stolen bases. This turn around just shows how special Jawn is!

WCT will continue to have updates on Buddy Jawn. If you want to follow Buddy more closely you can follow him on twitter @BudJawn

Until then stay safe and hope we don’t die…at least not until Buddy Jawn wins a World Series.

Furloughed and Fraggin: life in isolation

I was furloughed from my lovely full time job 2 weeks back, so I filed for unemployment and settled in for what was sure to be one boring isolation vacation. I started applying to jobs left and right, but by week 2 it was clear no new jobs were being posted and companies were likely not bringing in any new blood right now. I pretty much lost all motivation to do ANYTHING when I realized I had zero purpose for my days, I was “going through it” as the kids say. Sure I ripped a couple TIK TOKS and sent the boys some weekly memes like I always do, but why is it when I finally have all this free time, my drive to create content is so fucking low? I could finally get around to doing all the things I have always said are on the schedule: Start a podcast, make a YouTube comeback (you can still find my old shit if you look hard enough), record a new mixtape (a story for another time), EXPAND THE WCT NAME IN SOME WAY, but they all suddenly seemed so pointless given the current global state of affairs, so instead I watched shitty reality television (#FreeJoeExotic) in between rounds of HALO 3 BTB CTF on Avalanche (🤮) with my squad. I was feeling sorry for myself, angry about the things that Covid had taken from me, and hopeless about the indefinite amount of time I would have to spend inside, which I’m sure all of you know by now GETS OLD FAST. Shit even a triple splatter kill boosting in the ghost wasn’t getting me going, and I LOVE that shit.

Today is the first #WCTWednesday of a new week though and I’m feeling more motivated than ever, i’m sick of feeling down and bored of feeling sorry for myself so I figure nut up or shut up, time to get crackin on this content shit. I want to create something, ANYTHING, to help people smile just a bit through this crazy shit we are going through right now. How I’m going to do that I’m not so sure, I’ve got some ideas that I’m currently working on figuring out how to put into motion from a technical side, but while I work on those I’ll be blogging at least once a day here.

I know everybody is sick and fucking tired of coronavirus and quarantine, but please just keep that head up, take a walk, drink a claw, snay a snay, play some FIFA, make a TIK TOK, FaceTime your fam, go for a jog, mow the lawn, try your hardest to find something, ANYTHING, to keep you busy.

I hope all 7 of our readers stay safe out there, please not only wash your hands, but wash ya god damn ass too, walking around with a smelly keister and shit smfh.

Real Bros of Simi Power Rankings

In the midst of season 3 of RBOSM so feel it’s only appropriate to rank these bros


Washed up skate legend Bryce is easily Simi Valley’s biggest attraction. from his legendary days at Simi high to his epic comeback as a pro skater can’t deny how chill Bryce is, dude will start fights with Hawk and other babies if they starting trouble with his squad and ruining his kickbacks.

Dude copped head everywhere in high school and went broke both legs and still rips. Easy 1.


Dude may not be in the opening credits but this dude for sure brings it and is quickly working his way into way more scenes and interviews, dude is this idea guy and will tell you straight up how it is,


Dudes super chill and Xander’s true bro. Yet he’s yet to lock up Xander’s best man spot, dudes always there for the bros.

Big phase guy but dude loves the arts and every skate and truck crew needs a photographer, minus points for not burning tho, low key whack but a solid bro.


Tough 4 spot for the main brotaganist but just where the truck nuts fell my guy

This dude is the glue of the squad tho, everything in simi revolves around Xander and his story line, dude throws killer kickbacks but no randos though for sure


This dude should be outta the opening credits, if it wasn’t for Johnny I would high key be out on Duncs surf shop.

Not sure how this dude was smashing Tess but still major vibe killer. Might as well be a rando.