My Best Baseball Bet of 2020 is…

The NL MVP this year will be Bryce Harper. First reason is the motivation. Before this pandemic Bryce had that extra motivation with his former team winning the World Series. Second, the 60 game season helps Harper’s game more then most super stars. Bryce is a full tilt type of player. He wants to goContinue reading “My Best Baseball Bet of 2020 is…”

A Quick Top 5…The Most delusional fan base in all Sports

You love lists I love lists so here is a quick hitter list. We ain’t being the assholes that do slides with a million ads. This list gets down and dirty real quick. Let’s get people mad online 5. Notre Dame Football Yea I am part of one of these fan bases. ND is nationalContinue reading “A Quick Top 5…The Most delusional fan base in all Sports”


Today we are kicking off a new weekly segment called Sunday Shit Talk… here I will pick a brief topic and let it rip… why? Because positivity doesn’t equate to page views. Besides being obsessed with clothes, I am also a full time depressed sports fan… therefore it is time to air out my favoriteContinue reading “SUNDAY SHIT TALK”

Bryce Harper is Bigger then the actual World Series

The entire playoff run for the Nationals a name always popped up and it was Bryce Harper. To be honest I did not know how butt hurt all 16 Nats fan were that Bryce left. The Nationals offered him a fake offer to say they made an offer it was a very Mets move byContinue reading “Bryce Harper is Bigger then the actual World Series”