Crocs or the stocks?

With activity at an all time low due to most of us (the smart ones anyways) quarantining indoors 98% of the time, many of us have adapted our own personal styles to fit within these confines, wether it be sweatpants 24/7 or free balling regardless of your bottoms, we’ve all found a way to stay comfortable on lockdown. However being a big footwear guy I faced a dilemma, what should I be rocking on my feet indoors 24/7? Now I’m not talking about sneakers/boots inside, that’s just nasty, I’m referring to a house shoe, like a slipper or maybe a pair of slides. Not everyone rocks house shoes I understand, sock gang over every thang people I see you, but I often prefer something cushioning my every step or keeping my toe digits warm even when I’m just booling watching Avengers: Endgame for the 38th time in 2 weeks.

My main problem has been trying to determine the most appropriate footwear choice for this season, the spring, and it’s harder than I initially thought it would be. You see it’s too warm for slippers/moccasins, but also too cold for having my toes out in my Gucci slides yet, so that leaves me with one option: the mule or clog, more specifically a pair of crocs or a pair of Birkenstock Boston’s.

the Birkenstock Boston

A pair of Crocs (duh)

You see they both offer very similar things: a slip on design where I don’t have to bend over to put them on (perfect for when I wake up in a sweat on the couch at 4:55am because I fell asleep watching Avengers: Endgame for the 39th time and I’m out of it with cold feet), a wide comfortable toe area for maximum comfort and a stylish look that makes be look like a top chef (the crocs give me a “this guy probably makes great chili” vibe, and while the stocks give me a “this guy probably makes his own soft pretzels” vibe). Both offer just enough coverage where I’m not too hot or too cold, my feet are breathing while also being covered up front, truly an incredible feeling. But which has more drip for booling at home?

Pharrell in some crocs on the red carpet
the GOAT Kanye West in some Birks

The crocs offer the most plush comfort and are anti microbial, meaning they are stink free when I rock them without socks, while the birks offer much more arch support and too have their own anti stank properties. But there is one KEY deal breaker that sways the pendulum towards the Stocks: the Kanye West endorsement. He has been spotted in the Birkenstock Boston twice now, cementing it as a style for the most stylish, and pushing it by inches past the crocs in this drip off for the ages.

However I would like to end with one final point: If Kanye would’ve just dropped his version of Crocs, the Yeezy Foam Runner (pictures above) that would be the perfect and obvious answer to my footwear dilemma. So Mr.West, please unleash the hottest shoe of the year so I can buy every single color, quarantine is about to get wayyyy more fire once you do.

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