Furloughed and Fraggin: life in isolation

I was furloughed from my lovely full time job 2 weeks back, so I filed for unemployment and settled in for what was sure to be one boring isolation vacation. I started applying to jobs left and right, but by week 2 it was clear no new jobs were being posted and companies were likely not bringing in any new blood right now. I pretty much lost all motivation to do ANYTHING when I realized I had zero purpose for my days, I was “going through it” as the kids say. Sure I ripped a couple TIK TOKS and sent the boys some weekly memes like I always do, but why is it when I finally have all this free time, my drive to create content is so fucking low? I could finally get around to doing all the things I have always said are on the schedule: Start a podcast, make a YouTube comeback (you can still find my old shit if you look hard enough), record a new mixtape (a story for another time), EXPAND THE WCT NAME IN SOME WAY, but they all suddenly seemed so pointless given the current global state of affairs, so instead I watched shitty reality television (#FreeJoeExotic) in between rounds of HALO 3 BTB CTF on Avalanche (🤮) with my squad. I was feeling sorry for myself, angry about the things that Covid had taken from me, and hopeless about the indefinite amount of time I would have to spend inside, which I’m sure all of you know by now GETS OLD FAST. Shit even a triple splatter kill boosting in the ghost wasn’t getting me going, and I LOVE that shit.

Today is the first #WCTWednesday of a new week though and I’m feeling more motivated than ever, i’m sick of feeling down and bored of feeling sorry for myself so I figure nut up or shut up, time to get crackin on this content shit. I want to create something, ANYTHING, to help people smile just a bit through this crazy shit we are going through right now. How I’m going to do that I’m not so sure, I’ve got some ideas that I’m currently working on figuring out how to put into motion from a technical side, but while I work on those I’ll be blogging at least once a day here.

I know everybody is sick and fucking tired of coronavirus and quarantine, but please just keep that head up, take a walk, drink a claw, snay a snay, play some FIFA, make a TIK TOK, FaceTime your fam, go for a jog, mow the lawn, try your hardest to find something, ANYTHING, to keep you busy.

I hope all 7 of our readers stay safe out there, please not only wash your hands, but wash ya god damn ass too, walking around with a smelly keister and shit smfh.

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