My Best Baseball Bet of 2020 is…

The NL MVP this year will be Bryce Harper. First reason is the motivation. Before this pandemic Bryce had that extra motivation with his former team winning the World Series. Second, the 60 game season helps Harper’s game more then most super stars. Bryce is a full tilt type of player. He wants to goContinue reading “My Best Baseball Bet of 2020 is…”

What do you do when Sunday Scaries go into Monday?!?!?!

So last weekend, in College and NFL I went for a combine 6-28 (3-2 in my Friday Five,) and let me tell you…THAT’S NOT GOOD! I bet the Colts money line and spread, and it would have been a double winner if the greatest kicker of all time didn’t decide to suck eggs! Instead doubleContinue reading “What do you do when Sunday Scaries go into Monday?!?!?!”