FASHUN FRIDAY: the 3 best face masks to flex during quarantine

We currently live in the world where it is infinitely necessary to protect yourself when you are out in public (which should only be a very short amount of time daily, stay home kids), and a face mask is the corner stone of that protection. Unfortunately the Tom Brady of face masks, the 3M N95, is completely sold out everywhere, and reselling for big bucks online, leaving us plebeians with no other option than to rock cloth/non airborne particle jawnz. These masks are nowhere even remotely close to effective as the N95 technical piece, but hey they are at least SOMETHING to help protect your facial orifices when you are out in public practicing social distancing.

With that said, let’s take a look at 3 masks that are sure to provide you plenty of drip when you are walking the sidewalks with death looming all around you:

Bape Shark Camo face mask/hood

This spicy 2 in 1 jawn from Japan’s greatest ever brand (sorry Visvim, I said what I said) takes the hood portion from their classic shark face hood design and couples it with a built in face mask. Not only are you covering your mouth/nose, you’re covering your big ass head in streetwears most famous camo. Your friend that’s really into Rick Owens might call you a hypebeast, but that guy can go fuck himself, Bape is king shit, always has been always will be. Now available on Bape’s web store for $269.

Eric Emmanuel Face Mask

A very basic white design from the current KING of shorts, NY designer Eric Emmanuel, all white with a couple logo hits so the kids know you know what the fuck is up. EE has been cranking out the worlds best shorts for a few years now, with color ways often inspired by classic pro sports palettes, and has collaborated with everyone from Bape to Reebok on some of the best pieces this writer has seen in years. EE is still young and relatively new to the game, so why not get in now and cop a pair of shorts as that is also the only way to acquire a mask, since they are being give away for free with each purchase.

STANDARD ISSUE basic mask (3-pack)

A very clean and very simple mask from the modern day basic goods gods at standard issue. Already making big time waves with their basic tees/pants/shorts, all of which put fit (the key to looking good) over loud logos/branding, the masks were a logical next step given the current climate/leftover materials they had lying around. Available now in a 3-pack for $15.

Everyone should have a mask right now, so even if it isn’t one of these fire flame pieces PLEASE PLEASE COP ONE right now if you don’t already have one yet. Stay safe, but make sure you drip hard too.

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