Real Bros of Simi Power Rankings

In the midst of season 3 of RBOSM so feel it’s only appropriate to rank these bros


Washed up skate legend Bryce is easily Simi Valley’s biggest attraction. from his legendary days at Simi high to his epic comeback as a pro skater can’t deny how chill Bryce is, dude will start fights with Hawk and other babies if they starting trouble with his squad and ruining his kickbacks.

Dude copped head everywhere in high school and went broke both legs and still rips. Easy 1.


Dude may not be in the opening credits but this dude for sure brings it and is quickly working his way into way more scenes and interviews, dude is this idea guy and will tell you straight up how it is,


Dudes super chill and Xander’s true bro. Yet he’s yet to lock up Xander’s best man spot, dudes always there for the bros.

Big phase guy but dude loves the arts and every skate and truck crew needs a photographer, minus points for not burning tho, low key whack but a solid bro.


Tough 4 spot for the main brotaganist but just where the truck nuts fell my guy

This dude is the glue of the squad tho, everything in simi revolves around Xander and his story line, dude throws killer kickbacks but no randos though for sure


This dude should be outta the opening credits, if it wasn’t for Johnny I would high key be out on Duncs surf shop.

Not sure how this dude was smashing Tess but still major vibe killer. Might as well be a rando.

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