The Space Jam 2 logo is foreshadowing exactly what kind of movie it will be

Today Lebron James shared the official logo/full name for the upcoming sequel to Michael Jordan’s 90s classic SPACE JAM with a very sleek dad hat:

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” is the official title for the long awaited sequel. Let’s blow that logo up for our shitty eyesight readers:

I mean dddddaamnnnnn this shit just looks like every other modern day bland CGI kids movie title card, if I looked fast I would’ve sworn that shit said “megamind.” I get that it’s trying to be fun and space themed, but what we end up getting is exactly what the movie will be: a soulless pile of dog shit. Yes I get that it’s just a logo, but everything about this movie screams “heartless cash grab” or “cheap imitation.” Hollywood seems to be completely spent on original ideas, even when it comes to everything is looking the same. Lebron realized he couldn’t match MJs in court accomplishments so he decided to try and finagle his way into the convo for GOAT by stealing his off the court juice?! Nah man this shit is going to be a significantly shittier overhyped sequel, that makes a lot of money, much like Lebron himself.


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