My Best Baseball Bet of 2020 is…

The NL MVP this year will be Bryce Harper.

First reason is the motivation. Before this pandemic Bryce had that extra motivation with his former team winning the World Series.

Second, the 60 game season helps Harper’s game more then most super stars. Bryce is a full tilt type of player. He wants to go 120% every game. In a 162 game season that is just not possible, you will more then likely get hurt. With only 60 games and extra motivation, I believe we will get Bryce at full go for a full season.

Third and finale, the sheer value of Bryce Harper as MVP is too good to pass up. Depending on where you place your bet the odds are 13-1 to 20-1 for Bryce to win MVP. SIGN ME UP FOR THOSE ODDS!

This upcoming baseball season will be the weirdest one yet, so having a 13-1 odds as a lock will be a nice way to make up for those Ls.

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