Water Cooler Talk Exclusive: We will get to follow Buddy Jawn and his Journey to the Majors!

Buddy Jawn is one of the fastest rising stars for the San Francisco Giants. He is a 19 year old Swiss who moved to America as a young lad. At the age of 7 he played some pick up Wiffleball with the local kids. His first swing in the game he hit the ball 330 feet at 7! Since then he was a prodigy.

He was drafted at 18 years and was sent straight to AA. He hit 30 bombs and 95 RBIs leading his team to the playoffs. In the playoffs he tried and carry his team but his teammates were just dead weight and lost in last game in the series. Jawn hit .320 during all post season, but wasn’t enough.

Since Buddy Jawn did so well in AA, the Giants had to call him up to Triple A. Buddy had to face some adversity having his worst month in his career, hitting .167 with 2 home runs. Since the first month Jawn has risen his batting average to .270 now second on the team in home runs doubles, RBIs, and stolen bases. This turn around just shows how special Jawn is!

WCT will continue to have updates on Buddy Jawn. If you want to follow Buddy more closely you can follow him on twitter @BudJawn

Until then stay safe and hope we don’t die…at least not until Buddy Jawn wins a World Series.

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