Breaking News: Gronk to Appear at SummerSlam

Scoop City, population Water Cooler Talk. That’s is right I have been talking to my sources, and getting the details and now I can confirm, that former Patriot Rob Gronkowski will be at SummerSlam this year in Boston, for some big money.

Now my sources haven’t told me if he will be in the ring and actually wrestling, but knows that Gronk and WWE have agreed to a deal.

The person most involved with getting the deal done on WWE side was the Game Triple H.

Now people will question Water Cooler Talk’s sources, but make no mistake we got real deal Holyfield sources. Before we became a .org we also broke the Phillies manager news. When we break news you can take it to the bank Jack!

P.S. That pic up top is a top 15 pic of all time for me. It just has everything you could ever want. Hope Bill is ringside for Gronk at SummerSlam this year.

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