Is the Tabacoo Road Rivlary Dead?

I mean just look at these jerseys? They look like fucking Lax Pennies and that is suppose to get you hype for the rivalry? UNC legit has one of the best jerseys in all of sports, and for anniversary you put out this garbage. Michael Jordan should be ashamed!

The players don’t care anymore because Coach K is trying to be John Cal with the one and done, so there is no hate there. Add in UNC stinks this year, why should I watch? ESPN doesn’t even have Dickie V on the call! There will be no Diaper Dandies in this game!

It is so sad to see Duke and UNC rivalry die right in front of our eyes. As the ACC takes a back seat and is no longer the biggest baddest basketball conference, their biggest basketball rivalry is now dead too!

So this Saturday at 6 PM while I should be watching Duke UNC, I will not be watching. What I will be watching is the XFL!!!

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