The Official First Week Review of the XFL

Review Score: It wasn’t the worse football I’ve ever seen.

There are some major flaws with the XFL, and will get to them, but first I wanted to say what they did well.

The kickoff. That is the main thing the XFL got right. I believe the new kickoff rules will be adopted by the NFL within the next 10 years.

The football. I don’t know about you guys but when I saw that spiral it turned me on. That is a good looking football. It took them a year to get it right, but it is def a great ball.

The atmosphere. It seemed like every crowd was 20K plus. It also seemed like the people in the stands were enjoying themselves. Like that one weirdo Guardians fan who ate a slice of orange kraft cheese in front of the TV.

Now here is the potion the XFL was ok.

The announcing/on field mics. I enjoyed watching the plays being called. I also enjoyed how everything was out in the open. There were some sideline interviews, however that were so god damn boring. Big bad Vince needs to take some of these players to promo school. The announcers themselves were fine. Nothing to crazy they are just kind of there. Personally I’d like the announcers to bet the game they are calling and tell people on air what they have.

The play itself. There are legit some skill on the field. There was some nice plays, and there were a few future NFL players out there. Now it was not flawless. When I saw a team with 35 seconds left in the first half try to kick a field goal and failed to even get a kick off, you know there is stuff to work on, but the football was ok.

Now here are the problems with the XFL.

No stars. This league needs a Tebow, a Johnny football, or a Kap. There are no players you can hold your hat to and say yea I know who exactly it that dude is.

March Madness. People always talk about how we are going to miss football, but really that is only for a couple weeks, because March madness picks up and everyone follows their brackets. Can the XFL really draw ratings during that?

No history. This one is tough because you can’t do anything about it but it is true. When you root for Notre Dame, the Yankees, the Celtics, and whoever there is a history about that time, that you can learn and appreciate and understand. My age group never got to see Larry Bird in his prime or Mickie Mantle dominate, but we know of them. We have watched their highlights we have read the books. The XFL teams do not have that. What does it mean to be a NY Gaurdian, because I know what it means to be a Yankee.

The XFL had a great first weekend, but we have been here before. I want a great week 6, and week 7 and so on, to get excited for this league.

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