Fast & Furious 9: Tokyo Drift 2


Now unless you’ve been living under a rock on some pink starfish shit, I’m sure you’ve at least heard that the trailer for the 9th install of the FAST SAGA (apparently what the Fast & Furious movies are called now) dropped on the masses last week.

He lives!

Besides the trailer being way too long, not featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson because he unfortunately isn’t in the film and being set to a DJ snake SLAPPER, it ends with a pretty crazy plot twist: Han is BACK. Long thought dead after Jason Statham’s character Deckard Shaw supposedly murdered him in the 3rd film in the series, The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (which wasn’t revealed until the post credit scene of the 6th film, as Tokyo Drift takes place after Fast 6 canonically), Han apparently survived the fiery blaze.

Shaw takes out Han in Tokyo Drift

As a BIG TIME Tokyo Drift head myself, I was ecstatic to see Han in the flesh, but upon a rewatch of the trailer I caught something I didn’t catch the first time: Han isn’t the only Tokyo Drift character returning in Fast 9. Eagle eyed fans will have caught a quick glimpse of Sean Boswell, the main character from Tokyo Drift who was portrayed by Lucas Black, in the trailer:

NOT ONLY THAT, but the gentleman in the SPICY Moncler vest in the above image is Earl, the tech guy in Sean/Hans crew in Tokyo Drift, who apparently also is returning for F9.


Long treated as the bastard child in the F&F franchise (despite being the best film, I’ll die in this hill), Tokyo Drift looks to finally be getting the follow up it deserves, with the characters from it having a bigger role than brief cameos in some of the recent films (I hope). Let’s pray they really put some respect on D.K. Sean’s name (that’s Drift king for the uninformed), and have him race side by side with the rest of the #FastFamily.

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