Conspiracy Theory Hour: The Sixers

Now this blog has no hard evidence, but when you connect some dots you start to see, how the NBA are screwing the Sixers and have been for years!

It starts with Sam Hinkie and tanking.

When Hinkie took the job and the Sixers embraced tanking and the fans accepted it, that caused a problem at NBA HQ. The first true pick of the process was Joel Embiid, and then he didn’t play, so the Sixers could add another top 3 player. HQ hated this move so much they forced the Sixers to fire Hinkie and hire those rays the Colengelo family. You know what they did next? Draft Jahil Oakfor! When porzingus was the next pick! Think about this in 2015 the Knicks had a better draft then Sixers…that’s crazy town. Thankfully they didn’t fuck up the next draft, but the Colengelo’s certainly fucked up the 2017 draft. They traded up for the number 1 pick Fultz. Now I don’t blame them for the Fultz mental debacle, but I can certainly criticize the trade. Everyone knew the lakers was taking Lonzo ball, so the C’s were gonna take Fultz or Tatum, and after the trade it came out the C’s were always gonna take Tatum. If your family are NBA lifers shouldn’t you have good sources and know that you are getting played by your rivals? Then burner gate happen and that story for a different blog.

Since the process started the NBA, has changed the draft lottery, to try and stop teams from tanking. The Sixers have literally changed how the NBA does business. Do you really think Silver would be happy if the Sixers are the only team to beat the system? He wants to show the process doesn’t work. How do you get the process to fail you get the media to turn on the Sixers!

The Sixers have been awful on the road, no denying that. Just because the Sixers stink on the road doesn’t mean Ben and JoJo can not play together. The Sixers home record isn’t the best in the NBA. If Ben and Jojo couldn’t play together then why are they dominant at home? Don’t tell ESPN that. Adam Silver and his peeps are pumping ESPN misinformation and using half truths. You want the truth here is the truth, It’s the NBA in the middle of the season, this happens every year. The NFL is over, March madness still a few weeks always, so the news is a bit slow for the national media. They look for a story and this year it’s the Sixers need to be blown up. This year you now have “the Sixers Demise.”

By the time April rolls around I give you the Swish Guarantee this blows over!

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