Charles James has entered the Spin Zone

Yesterday was a sad day in sports as nearly all the spring sporting events we hold so close to our hearts were cancelled. Charles James took to twitter to rep the XFL prior to their eventual late night cancellation. Obviously with a take this hot, freezing cold takes is gonna get ya Absolute no brainer.Continue reading “Charles James has entered the Spin Zone”

WCT 2020 Album of the year

”but Yung God, it’s only March 2nd, why would you announce the album of the year now?!” Is probably what you’re thinking, however if you are thinking this you probably haven’t heard the CERTIFIED BIG GANG SLAPPER that is Color Theory by Soccer Mommy. Soccer Mommy, who is already certified pitchfork royalty, has been aroundContinue reading “WCT 2020 Album of the year”

MAGA twitter tries to cancel Garth Brooks

Legendary country singer Garth Brooks performed in Michigan yesterday for his latest music tour. To pay homage to legendary Detroit RB, Brooks rocked a Barry Sanders player tee. Fire fit. The uneducated population that makes up MAGA twitter proceeded to attack Brooks Facebook post ripping him as they thought he was making an endorsement ofContinue reading “MAGA twitter tries to cancel Garth Brooks”

Bocou Blogging Combine

It’s combine season, so you know were talking 40 times, hand sizes, and even stars of David. Despite missing my calling of being an elite Patriots system slot WR, I figure I could test out the tangibles of my new profession, blogging. First off we’ll start with the measureables… Height: 5 ft 11 inches Weight:Continue reading “Bocou Blogging Combine”


The early 2000s were a strange time for sneakers, with society entrenched in a brand new millennium, the trends of the time reflected a vision of the future, people were living in 2001 but DRIPPING LIKE IT WAS 2061. There was a lot of questionable shit that dropped at the time as brands provided theirContinue reading “YUNGER GOD AND THE QUEST FOR THE HOLY GRAIL”