Cancel the Browns (Not Safe for Pups)

Friday night the Browns hosted a memorial to honor the late mascot Swagger. However, to the worlds surprise, the memorial was an open casket for the dog This is just wrong. I am all for honoring this great doggo but an open casket?!? Come on Swagger don’t deserve this…and doesn’t deserve a motherfucking LIVESTREAM?!? OnlyContinue reading “Cancel the Browns (Not Safe for Pups)”

Quinquennial Drip: the greatest New Balance shoe ever made

“Mortgage the house,” is what New Balance told the consumer when they dropped the NB 1300 in 1985 for $130 ($282 today with inflation). By marketing the shoe as a luxury item, calling it “the very best running shoe ever made,” the shoe became a cult hit in the land where flexing high end goodsContinue reading “Quinquennial Drip: the greatest New Balance shoe ever made”


Supreme, the world famous New York based street wear brand, unveiled their Spring/Summer 2020 collection preview today, and hypebeasts everywhere are copping industrial sized bottles of hand lotion to privately celebrate these hhhhawwwwttt new jawnz. However my vision for this preview, specifically 2 items in particular, is far more forward thinking than these jawn hungryContinue reading “COPPING NOW TO FLEX ON YOUR KIDS LATER”


To our 5 British, 1 Canadian and 1 South African readers: FYI we have a presidential election here in the USA this year, and it’s going to be a fucking ZOOVIE. Whichever democratic candidate survives the 2020 democratic royal rumble will go on to face our current president Donald Trump, who is up for re-electionContinue reading “WCT ELECTION 2020 COVERAGE: JAWNZ EDITION”