We have a new #1 public enemy

Besides obviously corona virus which is top priority, we have a new sole focus as public enemy number 1….Ben Affleck

As you probably know, while shooting some hack of a film, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have been getting quite cozy. I didn’t want to believe it myself but unfortunately the paparazzi keeps throwing it in my face. Not to mention I have to think of them being quarantined together, gonna be a long couple of weeks.

See she’s more interested in her phone, prob waiting for the next Bocou fire TBT post…(me too)
He knows his time is running out
No way this guy is that phone, probably telling her jokes about the time he cheated on his wife with the nanny
Oh look I’m ben I have free time so I’m getting into the arts, check out my visco

Also his new move “the way back” is no mighty ducks (drunk alcoholic coach coaches shitty team to relevance) Gordon Bombay has one bad night, this guy was coaching kids under the influence smh,

I will see you soon Ana once this quarantine is lifted

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