The GOAT kicking off #THISLEAGUE

If the NBA needed anymore fireworks to highlight its opening night, MJ just light up a big one. Monday morning in an interview shown on The Today Show, Jordan said Steph Curry is not a hall of famer followed by a giant smirk. #THISLEAGUE. Obviously, NBA twitter went wild and Steph Curry stans went bizerkContinue reading “The GOAT kicking off #THISLEAGUE”

Burrow’s butt puts Heisman pose on notice

2019 continues to be the year of the ass. We got Flume (whoever that is) eating ass on burning man stage, giant floating ass on stage at the VMA awards, now we got Joe Burrow’s ass soon on stage in New York. It wasn’t Joe Burrow’s 4 tuddies that helped his Heisman resume, it wasContinue reading “Burrow’s butt puts Heisman pose on notice”


Listen, I think Concepts is one of the best sneaker stores on god’s green earth, and I take hella pride in the fact that they are Boston based, HOWEVER who thought it was a good idea to make sneakers for snakes? Above is an image of the upcoming Concepts x Nike Kyrie 5 “orion’s belt,”Continue reading “CONCEPTS AND NIKE MADE SNEAKERS FOR SNAKES”