Does WCT have a Writer with No Guts? An Investigation

Here at Water Cooler Talk we take pride at saying whatever we want. If I wanted to call Arsenal fans cunts I can, that’s the beauty of this blog. You do need some stones to be able to write whatever you want because you can get that Latino Heat, shoutout my first favorite wrestler Eddie Guerrero. I have found out through an internal investigation (Texts) that MetsFan612 has no stones and no faith in his teams!

MetsFan by his name you can gather he leads a sad pro sports fandom, however in college he is a massive Gators fan. Now Florida Football failed its goal of and SEC title game, their basketball team is suppose to be really really good.

For me I love college basketball, and my squad is Villanova. I am very ride or die with the Wildcats, and it will show as the season unfolds at WCT.

Now here is where MetsFan has no guts!

After Villanova lost to a good Baylor team who just didn’t miss a 3 down the stretch (legit was 7-7 from last 8 mins) Mets Fan was out there chirping me, which is fair.

I rebuttal and talked shit on his gators who just recently lost to MetsFan most hated team UConn. Then I proposed a wager. One that I believe is fair.

100 US Dollars, none of that 100 Canadian dollars bullshit, for the team who goes farther in March. If Nova goes farther I win if Florida goes farther he wins, and both out same round it is a push. Seems like a fair bet to me, no?

MetsFan rejected the bet, he didn’t counter he was just a big ol’ puss. He believes I jinx Florida somehow, and yet still won’t bet me.

I have put my big nuts on the table ready for the bet, but as you can see MetsFan refuses to put his tiny nuts on the table. I guess in the end I can’t blame him, since he will lose the bet come March.

\\//‘s Up! Go Nova!

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