What do you do when Sunday Scaries go into Monday?!?!?!

So last weekend, in College and NFL I went for a combine 6-28 (3-2 in my Friday Five,) and let me tell you…THAT’S NOT GOOD!

I bet the Colts money line and spread, and it would have been a double winner if the greatest kicker of all time didn’t decide to suck eggs! Instead double L’s.

I had the Lions +2.5….they had the ball on the 1 yard line 4th and goal, and didn’t get it! I had the Packers at LA Chargers where it’s a home game for GB…ARog sucked an egg like Vintarari, another L! I believed if the Browns were gonna turn around the season they would have to beat a backup QB I never heard of, instead Browns sucked like they always do!

The Dolphins who are actively trying to lose, so what my dumb brain thinks “Oh jets aren’t good but they will beat Miami and give that false hope.” By the end of the day somehow the Jets are in a better draft position then Dolphins! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!?!?

To cap it all off, I thought Bill and the Pats never let young QBs win, so I took the Pats….They got fucking smoked!

I was hoping writing this all out would be some type of cathartic thing and make me feel ok, it has not in fact it makes me feel worse!

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