Special Edition: An Early Five for Friday while Addressing the Hater“s”

So let’s just address this anonymous person who out here narking to the boss. I am gonna call anonymous, Alex from now on. Just using a random name with an A nothing more.

First me choosing Deion Sanders as a coach is just my opinion! You out here Alex thinking I’m breaking some news. When I break news I’m right 100% of the time. When you on a platform like WCT you need to speak ideas into existence! If you don’t want Dion to be a coach, then you have a big dump in your pants or worst you a Florida fan yikes!

Now the reason we are all here is the gambling. Hand up I enjoy gambling. I may even get over my head a time or two and bet games I have zero idea about (Like me betting on RB Leipzig this afternoon.) This means I bet wayyyyyy more then just the 5 games I give to you. My record when games I give to you on the five for Friday is 5-5. We are even, and guess what I am getting hot so for the kickoff of College basketball and MACtion, I am giving you a special Tuesday Five for Friday!

So Alex when you learn what a bookie is and figure out how to gamble like a big boy, here are some winners. Positive Vibes Only

1. Penn +7.5 at Alabama

UPenn is a deep team bringing back their best 3PT shooter who was redshirt all year with an injury. While Bama didn’t get the hardship wavier for their Jahvon Quinerly. It’s gonna be tough night for Alex and the JellyFam, Penn and money line even.

2. Duke+2 vs Kansas

They are playing in the Mecca, and the only good basketball MSG will see this year is from college basketball, since the Knicks are somehow still the worst team even after landing the top free agents that promised Alex and his follow knick fans. I just always bet Duke with points and I’ll do again here.

3. Toledo -7 vs Kent State

Start MACtion have to go to Ohio! I love Toledo home field The Glass Bowl and Toledo 4-0 at home as well this year. Toledo big!

4. Louisville -6.5 at Miami

A very fun game to start the year, and will be the first basketball game on ACCNetwork. This one is just a don’t think just throw. They killed them last year, and Louisville is better this year.

5. Saint Mary’s -4.5 at Wisconsin

Another fun and exciting game. Saint Mary’s has a great squad this year and might even be able to hang with Gonzaga this year. They start it off a W tonight at Wisconsin.

There you have it 5 winners and exposing an Alex. Great time for all!

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