The Friday Five!

Last week was tough can not lie. I put many houses on Notre Dame, what I should have done was put all the houses on Kansas St. which I gave out as well. I went 2-3 witch if you only went 1 unit per game you ain’t dead. I’d kill to be only 1 unit down right now.

Saying all that, the Notre Dame Cloud is gone, now all my picks are gonna be with the brain not the heart. 5-0 and my turn around for the season begins Saturday with these five games!

1. Boston College (+3) at Syracuse

BC can run and control the clock, while Syracuse just aren’t good. Give me the points and don’t hate money line even on the road

2. Florida (+6.5) vs Georgia

The biggest cocktail party also has the game of week by FAR! I know MetsFan is sweating bullets with his gators game as the season is on the line. I think this is a great defensive game and just give me the points, because I do not know who is going to win.

3. Oregon (-5.0) at USC

Oregon is really really good. People kind of forget about them being out west and that lost week 1. That lost looks more like a fluke each week, and I think they roll at USC…Oregon big!

4. Arkansas (+7.5) vs Mississippi St.

This game is a strictly a numbers game. Both teams are bad. Mississippi St. shouldn’t be a touchdown favorite against anybody, especially on the road. Give me the points.

5. Utah (-3.0) vs Washington

I know earlier in this very blog I said all these picks are with my brain, HOWEVA (Stephen A. Smith voice) anytime I bet Washington they lose! I’m taking Utah home fuck you Washington you bums!

It’s a tough week for big games, but every game a big game when you betting!

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