The Friday Five!

LETS GOOOOO GANG! It’s my favorite blog of the week! Now earlier this week we had a special mid week edition of the Friday Five, and guess what we went 3-2 officially going over .500 for the year.

8-7, back to back blog post winning money, and if you read the little tidbit in the last blog Penn money line would have really made you rich like me! With all that momentum I feel like a Mack truck rolling down hill with broken brakes. With that being said here is my best five picks

1. Penn State -7 at Minnesota

Biggest game for Minnesota modern college football, and still won’t help. The Jimmy and Joe’s of Penn State are just better athletes. With the news of Ohio State best player Chase Young maybe done for the year a legit chance for Penn State to the playoffs seem possible. Penn State rolls.

2. LSU +6.5 at Alabama

The biggest game of the season is at 3:30. It is a little weird it’s not a night, but since it is at Bama and not in Death Valley I can live with it. The points are just too much. Bama might win this game so money line way to risky for me but give me the points, and if you are really nervous just buy a half a point.

3. Cincinnati -35 vs UConn

This is the MetsFan dream right here. This game is why gambling is great! It will be over by halftime, but the spread will be in play until early 4th Quarter, when the Bearcats are up 50. UConn stinks just don’t overthink.

4. Clemson -32 at NC State

I have a conspiracy brewing that Dabo asked the committee to make his team 5th, for extra motivation. Clemson will go undefeated and will be in the playoffs, but they need some style points, and ever since the close game with UNC they have shit pumped teams. I do not see that stopping at NC State

5. Oklahoma -14.5 vs Iowa State

Oklahoma is behind the 8 ball. If they run the table there is still a very good chance they aren’t in playoffs. They need to destroy every team from here on out, and beat Kansas St. in the Big 12 championship to even get a chance at the playoffs. This is the first game after their lost to Kansas St. after a bye. I like OU and I like OU big!

Trap game of the year: Kansas St +7 at Texas

Here is a little bonus advice. This game right here is the definition of a trap game. Kansas St. just beat OU and their rival back to back weeks and you get a TD? Seems too good to be true right? That’s because it is, Vegas always knows, so I am not giving this a pick. This is my “Hey if you bet Kansas St. just know it is a TRAP!” Game. Good luck to those who gamble!

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