Fantasy Football Rant!

First off fuck you I know you don’t care about my fantasy team, but I get to write and you are going to read it!

Second this is a very relatable thing so you can double go fuck yourself!

Alright now we have established this blog let’s get into the anger I have with the fucking raiders!

I am in 3rd and playing the guy in 2nd, I’m on a 4 game win streak and was close to 5, but that ended due to sad pathetic performance by the raiders offense!

He had Chiefs D and was gonna rude them to victory until the raiders scored a TD with under 2 mins to make the score 38-9. The game is not in doubt, all the raiders have to do is kick an extra point and could even miss it and I’ll win by one point. What happens? The chiefs block the kick and take it back for a safety. I now lose by 3 points!

For the assholes who say this was fake!

Fuck you Jon Gruden! Go back to hooters and look at some girls cleavage!

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