The Ending of 49ers Cardinals Game is What Give Gamblers Nightmares.

The 4 o’clock games is an interesting time for gambling. You can be up big from the 1 o’clock games and are just trying to hold on or you are chasing and hoping to get back to even. Thankfully for me I had a great Sunday, but for others Sunday became a war.

The Cardinals were +10 and were winning or within the number the entire game. Then when down 4 points the Cardinals had the last play and that’s when chaos happens.

On the reverse back it became a fumble and the lineman fell on the ball but no one had touched him yet. Instead of just eating it, he chucked the ball 20 yards and San Fran picked it up to run it in for a pointless TD. San Fran wins by 10, as they don’t run the extra point play.

This is as bad of a beat as I’ve ever seen. Now for gambling novice some may say that’s not a lost that’s a push. Those people are morons who don’t deserve to watch sports! You were already counting that win for AZ and then boom you are paying the juice staring up at the wall asking why me I’m good guy I don’t commit that many crimes.

For me personally it didn’t effect me. All I had was San Fran in a late games 3 team 7 pt teaser that won.

For anyone who had AZ I am sorry for your lost, just chin up and remember there is always the Monday night game. Chiefs -5 for tonight btw.

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