The Thanksgiving Teaser Parley to Win all the Money

While you out back sneaking a little devil lettuce with the cousins, while Uncle Donnie is yelling about the libtards, and Aunt Mary yelling at Lil Jayne for the freshmen 15, you should put in bet. I have been looking at it and I just can’t seem to lose. I personally have put 5 of my units on this teaser parley expecting this will cover all my Xmas presents and then some. Let’s win some money folks…here is the 3 team 6 pt teaser ( If you don’t know what that means this blog prob ain’t for you)

Bears -.5

Bills +13

Saints -1

Money money money enjoy Turkey Day and get that money.

P.S. If I lose this I am gonna be the Anthony Anderson gif balled up on the sofa crying when dessert comes out.

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