A Quick Top 5…The Most delusional fan base in all Sports

You love lists I love lists so here is a quick hitter list. We ain’t being the assholes that do slides with a million ads. This list gets down and dirty real quick. Let’s get people mad online

5. Notre Dame Football

Yea I am part of one of these fan bases. ND is national championship of bust. We all think we should compete with Bama and Clemson every year. The sad truth is we are in that section below them. The reason they aren’t higher on the list is they have been to the playoffs and a national title game in this decade.

4. All New York Teams

Yankees 27 rings! That’s really all NYC has to offer. The truth is this was the worst decade for all of NYC sports. All they did this decade was lose, the closest they got was the Rangers losing in the cup finals, and the Mets lost In a humiliating World Series. NYC says they are the Mecca but this decade they have been the trash

3. Dallas Cowboys

If we translated America’s Team to actual Wars we still an England Colonie. You stink out loud Dallas and Jerry Jones will never win another Super Bowl.

2. Arsenal

Oh those gunners. They think Henry is gonna walk through that door and be competing for the PL title. The truth is the end of this decade has been very unkind. There biggest victory was Liverpool besting Tottenham in the champions league final while they stay in Europa.

1.Texas football

Texas is back has become a saying this entire decade. Here is a little secret they aren’t back and fans have been deceived and trick. While they say Texas is back OU has lapped them in everything! If they aren’t careful Texas A&M and Baylor gonna Lap then next

Hope you got good and mad reading this blog

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