The Phillies will make the Mets look Dumb

As the knowledgeable fan since all water cooler talk fans are you already know Wheeler is signed to the Phitin Phils.

I am sure people like Angelo Cataldi will yell and scream and say why waste so much money. He’s also a stupid moron who is mad that he can’t do the wing bowl anymore.

I never care about money in baseball cause their is no salary cap, all I care about is he gonna be a dude or is he gonna suck. Let me tell you folks Wheeler is gonna be a DUDE. The guy throws gas and looks to be fully healthy. The Phillies are gonna be taking a giant step forward.

Now the Phillies still need a starter…my bold prediction is trading for david price.

Phillies willing to take his salary, which Boston is looking to shed. He also fills a lefty void that the Phillies need in the rotation. Giving price a change of scenery I believe will do wonders. The questions would be what type of prospects will it cost them, but I don’t think an arm and a leg, since shedding Price’s salary is the only way they would be able to keep Mookie.

Either way it was a good day today on the city of brotherly love…even tho Cole Hamels signed with the garbage know as the Braves.

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