Bryce Harper is Bigger then the actual World Series

The entire playoff run for the Nationals a name always popped up and it was Bryce Harper.

To be honest I did not know how butt hurt all 16 Nats fan were that Bryce left. The Nationals offered him a fake offer to say they made an offer it was a very Mets move by them. The Phillies pounced and signed Bryce.

While Bryce had a great first year (don’t let ESPN lie to you look at his numbers and come back and tell me he had a bad year) the rest of the Phillies either got hurt or stunk. Hopefully that changes, but the Nationals weren’t just in a rebuild mode either.

The Nationals have been every MLB “expert” pick for the last 5 years. When Bryce left they still had an amazing pitching staff with a good lineup. There starters just finally figured out how to pitch.

When the Nationals won no one was talking about this team that lived up to hype it was posting the video of Bryce still adjusting to his new surrounds. Which is fine, but just want everyone to know the Phillies have a player bigger then the World Series champions. Congrats DC way to win but stay irrelevant.

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