Today we are kicking off a new weekly segment called Sunday Shit Talk… here I will pick a brief topic and let it rip… why? Because positivity doesn’t equate to page views.

Besides being obsessed with clothes, I am also a full time depressed sports fan… therefore it is time to air out my favorite teams!

Let’s begin with the New York Mets. They are the cheapest penny pinching, no good, little brother, cursed joke of a franchise in sports. Every year we say we are going to spend money and get outbid… When we actually do sign a good player.. they suddenly forget how to play the fucking game. I HOPE YOU ARE ALL LISTENING! @Johan Santana, Luis Castillo, Jeremy Burnitz, Mo Vaughn, Jason Bay, Yo Cespides, Tom Glavine, Roberto Alomar, the list goes ON and ON… But at least we made it to the world series twice in my life time right? Got absolutely destroyed in 2000 by the big be other Yankees… and then recently in 2015 when the Mets had every opportunity to beat the Royals. Like legit if they played any defense they win the fucking chip!!!!!

Anyways before I break my computer let me just put on my clown mask and count down the days until we can celebrate the next Bobby Bonilla Day.

-Signing off 🤡

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