A Quick Top 5…The Most delusional fan base in all Sports

You love lists I love lists so here is a quick hitter list. We ain’t being the assholes that do slides with a million ads. This list gets down and dirty real quick. Let’s get people mad online 5. Notre Dame Football Yea I am part of one of these fan bases. ND is nationalContinue reading “A Quick Top 5…The Most delusional fan base in all Sports”


Aside from a jawnz enthusiast, your boy is also an angry sportsfan… LEGIT MY ALL TEAMS LOOK LIKE THE LAST SHIT I TOOK. But what stings the most, is that every fucking year James Dolan promises that the Knicks will be back…. This summer was the the last straw… after banning Oakley and refusing toContinue reading “FUCKKKKK THE KNICKS”