Today is the Most Underrated Day for Sports!

Tonight college basketball is back Bay Bay! The diaper dandy, a little bit of “man to man” (Bill Raftery voice,) and I can NOT wait!

It kicks off with a bang tonight too with the top 4 teams playing each other. Not only college basketball is back, the NHL, and the NBA, is in full swing, but MACtion also returns tonight!

That is right, we are in the midst of having at least one football game everyday for a month straight!

Now my question is where does this day rank on best sports day?

The two king sports day, are the Super Bowl, and the first two days of March Madness. Then just after that is baseball opening day, Kentucky derby day, and the first day of any pro playoffs. I would put this day right behind all those days.

As writing and talking to peeps, I just realized this is just an exclusive great gambling day…oops!

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