Karl-Anthony Towns is a baby back bitch!

Last night in the best city in America, Philadelphia, the Sixers continued their undefeated pace by stomping out Kat and the T-Wolves by the second quarter. KAT the bitch he was decided to pick a fight with a 7’3 African, and didn’t realize he had his 6’10 Aussie running mate as backup!

KAT tapped out faster then Mcgregor in his last fight

After the scrap, the Sixers went on to win, but the night wasn’t over as KAT thought he could talk his trash to Jojo without a response!

Usually you have to win to at least one game to talk some trash, but not for baby back bitches. KAT is so spoiled he thinks his shit don’t stink! No wonder Jimmy Butler hates this spoiled brat, because I do too! Fun fact you know who Jimmy Butler loves because of his toughness?? Joel Embiid.

Jojo obviously responded and did what he always do to KAT and dominate him! Do you think KAT went crying to Coach Cal saying how people are saying mean things to him.

KAT here is a little life advice for you…do something relevant in the NBA before running your mouth to someone who dominates you on the regular, you BABY BACK BITCH!

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