TBT- Old School Logos

Back in the day the look was to have a cartoon grouchy animal rocking your school hat, which school rocked it best?

5. RICE – That owl is giving a stink almost makes you think damn is my squad even worthy to play Rice?! Any time Rice can make you even consider that is a big W for the Owls

4 Texas – Bevo is getting after it, Uga is probably crawling into his doghouse after seeing this logo giving him PTSD, deduct points for lack of color and just rocking what looks like a Tennessee T but this is elite. Back when Texas sports meant something.

3. Cal (Bottom Left) – The Golden Bear is rocking a mean mug, he ain’t messing around yet still cute enough to be rocked on a little kids crew neck come game day. Big props to putting “Cal” and not a C, Cal knows their roll

2. UNC – The retro ram is legit, no one knows what a Tar Heel is but a ram just makes sense. Perfect color scheme and mean mug.

1. Miami – it’s criminal The U doesn’t use this everywhere. Sebastian the Ibis is one tough motherfucker. With a band-aid that would soon inspire the legendary rapper Nelly and a pipe that looks like a nuclear bomb is going off in it, this bad bird looks like it was shot straight out of the eye of the hurricane. The U will be back when this logo returns full time.

Honorable Mentions:

Easily NC state Wolfpack hard to keep them outta the top 5, also Oregon but Donald Duck is just too easy and cliche, Oregon just loves easy cake PAC 12 schedules shows in their mascot choice forever

What were you thinking?!

LSU and Auburn with the same exact tiger? Come on now figure it out, respect tho for neither backing down

Bama- Saban would never allow such a soft happy go luck one star elephant recruit to wear the crimson

VPI- just pick a different animal

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