D 3 hardooos

A tweet from a HS prep assistant coach triggered some former collegiate athletes into reminding the world that they play D3

Little motivation for his rich prep school student athletes no biggie ,

Not on any former D 3 athletes watch, just remember “they chose D3”

Alright Paige pump the brakes, you training for the D3 olympics?
My cousins brothers brother in law’s program coach coached with Ditka, he said my team was tuff, congrats on the 21 wins, you get a medal for your D3 trophy case?
Jeez thoughts and prayers to you playing softball at 5 am
Thank you for your service
Damn this kid must be getting the Congressional Medal of Freedom

Congrats everyone you graduated to Varsity Level 2 in softball at your local small college, have a beer it’s college, bet you dominated your HS alumni game tho

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