NBA Bricked Fits… WEEK 1

What’s up WCT, I’m back again with more fashion talk. For those of you that are not well versed in fashion, you may know how glorified it has become on social media. In addition, you may even be crazy enough to look up to your favorite NBA players’ off court looks… WELL I AM HEREContinue reading “NBA Bricked Fits… WEEK 1”

Hardo Tik Tok HS football star shows off the swag

Tik tok isn’t my favorite place in the world but often provides viral entertaining cringe worthy videos. Example A: this goldy locks HS football player who thinks he’s got all the “swag” on the grid iron. Glad to see swag is still HS lingo. Let’s dive a little deeper into Tye Mandell game stats, aContinue reading “Hardo Tik Tok HS football star shows off the swag”

Zlatan ended his MLS career (Probably) in the Most Zlatan way possible

Following a 5-3 defeat to crosstown rivals LAFC in the craziest edition of the “El Traffico” derby yet, LA Galaxy star Zlatan Ibrahimovic left the opposing fans with one last gesture to remember him by: Zlatan is likely done in the MLS after 1.5 seasons of incredible goals and hilarious off the pitch statements, asContinue reading “Zlatan ended his MLS career (Probably) in the Most Zlatan way possible”

Business was booming on twitter this AM

The AB circus continues to carousel. Hopefully you didn’t have tweet notifications on AB to see if he’s signing to get him on your fantasy team cuz he might have fired off 1,000 tweets this morning. Here are some highlights. Move over Mr. Big Chest we got a new superhero AB showed some love forContinue reading “Business was booming on twitter this AM”


we’ve seen a lot of gimmicks in the college football word spin of off the Miami turnover chain such as the turnover plank, turnover backpack, turnover cane to name a few. However, SMU has separated themselves from the pack. The turnover rave. Thursday night SMU popped bottles. Only thing would make this better if theyContinue reading “SMU TURNOVER RAVE TAKING YOU INTO THE WEEKEND”


Listen, I understand this man banged in the paint all night last night (24p, 8r, 9a), and my beloved Cs were certainly having trouble stopping him from doing so…but this man is still afraid as fuck to shoot a 3 in a real NBA game. I mean god damn he’s certainly doing well for himselfContinue reading “BEN SIMMONS IS STILL A COWARD”

Kyrie slips and slides to 50 burger

Last night Kyrie made his debut in Brooklyn adressing the hometown crowd with an emotional message pregame. Kyrie delivering a heartfelt message to fans in October? Never seen that before. I digress. However it wasn’t Kyrie’s address or even his 50 point performance and 0 turnovers that was the highlight of the night. Trailing 127-126Continue reading “Kyrie slips and slides to 50 burger”

Welcome to Jawn Talk

What’s up water cooler talk, this is your new fashion writer and life long jawnz enthusiast. Be sure to tune in for raw/uncut pure unadulterated heater fashion content. We are kicking things off with a weekly segment called “Jawn of the week / L of the week.” For those of you narcs out there gassingContinue reading “Welcome to Jawn Talk”