Hardo Tik Tok HS football star shows off the swag

Tik tok isn’t my favorite place in the world but often provides viral entertaining cringe worthy videos. Example A: this goldy locks HS football player who thinks he’s got all the “swag” on the grid iron. Glad to see swag is still HS lingo.

Let’s dive a little deeper into Tye Mandell game stats, a junior in a Michigan HS. His mom probably won’t appreciate this but this what you get when you post on tik tok.

First off, 0 star recruit yikes. Appears this kid gets some burn but not much in a tight matchup weak stat line but still an L for the squad and for his night. 3 carries though not too shabby.

Another L for Tye.

Next game huge L for the Fire Mason meaning we are getting some garbage time snaps boy!

Get the reps up kid then you can post on Tik tok.

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